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Mosquito Control Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Protect Your Family - Take Your Yard Back With Our Mosquito Treatment Special One thing that's not fun anymore is to be outdoors, enjoying a barbecue or enjoying a summer night with friends, in your beautiful garden. The reason? Because of mosquitoes. Mosquito Control...

The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Control

Mosquitos can put a damper on outdoor plans, but preventative measures and professional treatment can help protect your yard from being overrun. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your warm-weather activities – follow our tips for both long- and short-term solutions, and contact us at Arrow Termite and Pest Control for the best mosquito control to eliminate […]

10 Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitos

No one is a fan of mosquitoes; they bite you and make you itchy and irritated. Some people may be discouraged to spend time outside if their home has a mosquito problem. It is best to always be prepared to get rid of those pesky bloodsuckers. We are going to learn 10 natural ways to […]

What Does Green Pest Control Mean?

Green pest control solutions have been increasing in popularity as more companies become aware of the harmful nature of pesticides. Green applications protect young people, and those with weak immune systems avoid dangerous chemicals and illness. Green pest control isn’t about entirely doing away with pesticides, however. It’s a practice focused on the secure application […]