Mosquito Articles

Are the Large Mosquitoes in Louisiana Native to the Area

Explore the challenges and learn solutions for mosquito control in Louisiana, where large mosquitoes thrive in the warm, humid climate.

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live For?

Discover the lifespan of mosquitoes and see how long they can live for. Learn how to protect your home and yourself from these tiny insects.

Your Guide to Summer Pests and How to Protect Your Home and Family

Pests and bugs love the environmental changes that summer brings. Though bugs do emerge during the spring, summer tends to offer more benefits to increase activity for pests. Just like humans, pests count down the days to summer for several reasons. The changes in...

Why Are Mosquitoes Out More After It Rains Around Your Home and Yard

Mosquitoes are pesky bugs that carry diesease and suck blood out of their host. If you live in an area with plenty of mosquitoes, you know all too well just how annoying mosquitoes can be around your home and yard. Spending time in the backyard can become a nightmare...