Mosquitoes are pesky bugs that carry diesease and suck blood out of their host. If you live in an area with plenty of mosquitoes, you know all too well just how annoying mosquitoes can be around your home and yard. Spending time in the backyard can become a nightmare if you live in a mosquito prone area. The homeowner can take a few steps to reduce their mosquito presence by keeping their yards cut, reducing excess vegetation, and draining out and standing water around the home.

When it rains, this mosquito infestation seems to get worse. But why is that the case? Today you will learn why mosquitoes seem to get worse after it rains and how to remedy and stop this problem.

What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes After Rain From Your Yard?

Mosquitoes love rain and humidity. Most pests and insects hate the rain, but mosquitoes really love it, and for several reasons. These biting bugs venture out into the rain because it is a great time for them to lay their eggs. When it clouds up outside, mosquitoes go into an egg-laying frenzy and won’t stop until they have completed their mission.

When it rains in your yard and around your home, puddles of water will form. These pockets of water can form in many places including flowerpots, children’s toys, buckets, old tires, patio decks, dense vegetation, and more.

Mosquitoes migrate to standing water and lay thousands of eggs. If left undisturbed, these eggs can hatch and cause a mosquito infestation in your yard and all around your home.

How Many Days After Rain Do Mosquitoes Hatch?

After the rainfall, mosquitoes start to hatch at alarming rates. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mosquitoes to hatch. Once these insects are completely developed, they can take flight and begin feeding on your blood. Mosquitoes can carry many dangerous diseases that can make you very sick. Depending on which area of the world you live in, the mosquitoes around your yard and home could be carrying deadly diseases.

Do Mosquitoes Fly in The Rain?

Mosquitos are known for being weak at flying. Even during rainfall mosquitoes can be effective flying pests but may be somewhat limited due to the rain. These flying insects can navigate in the rain with ease and it doesn’t seem to bother them. When they do get hit by raindrops, they pick themselves up and continue to fly. Because of their small size, the impact of falling water won’t harm or kill them. Mosquitoes take advantage of rainfall and continue to fly when most pests go into hiding.

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide When It Rains?

If the rain gets very heavy, mosquitoes do seek shelter. They often hide under leaves or structures until the rain lets up. Mosquitoes also search for dark places where they can be protected from falling rain drops. This protects them from drowning during periods of heavy rain. If you have an outside patio that is not protected by a screen, you may notice mosquitoes taking shelter under it during a heavy rain. Arrow offers free mosquito inspections and consultations.

Do Mosquitoes Bite When Its Raining?

If the rain isn’t too strong for the mosquitoes to fly, they will search for their next meal and bite. That means they may bite you in the rain! These bites typically go undetected since the rainfall can be quite a distraction. It’s important to wear mosquito repellent even when its raining. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can’t be bitten by mosquitoes while it is raining.

How Do You Get Rid Of Mosquitoes After Rain Around The Yard?

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes from your yard after it rains, start by eliminating standing water. Even a small amount of shallow water can create a resting and breeding ground for mosquitoes. After the rain stops, walk around your property and look for areas with standing water. Drain out any stagnant water you find. Doing this will destroy the mosquitoes breeding grounds and prevent their eggs from hatching.

To ensure your yard is free of mosquitoes all year long you can also hire a professional pest exterminator. Arrow Termite and Pest Control offers residential mosquito treatment plans that can be purchased online. Our exterminator will treat your yard with the best chemicals and tools to keep mosquitoes away for good. Contact us today for a free consultation and mosquito treatment quote with no obligations.

Diseases Transmitted By Mosquitoes

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Yellow Fever
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