Mosquitos can put a damper on outdoor plans, but preventative measures and professional treatment can help protect your yard from being overrun. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your warm-weather activities – follow our tips for both long- and short-term solutions, and contact us at Arrow Termite and Pest Control for the best mosquito control to eliminate these blood-sucking pests.

Natural Methods and Quick Fixes

For a short-term fix for a surplus of mosquitos, citronella candles are a tried and true method. While this will not suppress a large number of mosquitos, it will repel them from your yard. Also, having plants such as rosemary, catnip, or marigolds in your garden provide a natural, pesticide-free way to ward off mosquitos, though it is not foolproof. Clean away any fallen leaves or debris in your yard as they can hold water where mosquitos can breed. While these quick and easy methods may not completely rid your yard of mosquitos, you should see a decrease in amount.

Long-Term Solutions

Aside from professional treatment, there are a few long-term solutions to a mosquito problem that you can try on your own. Mosquito foggers can be purchased and used to suppress mosquitos, but this can be dangerous if not used properly. Pay attention to any shallow, standing water on your property, such as bird baths or drainage ditches, as these can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Eliminating these areas of stagnant water or treating larger bodies of what such as ponds and outdoor water features can aid in larval control.

Professional Prevention

While these DIY methods may provide some relief from a mosquito problem, there are many risks that they can bring. Seek professional treatment to ensure that you are safely treating a mosquito problem at all stages. Arrow Termite and Pest Control offers leading mosquito control treatments to protect your yard from mosquitos. We offer the Mistaway Mosquito Misting System, a high-tech, automatic solution that mists your yard with botanical insecticide. Professional treatment will aid in mosquito suppression and control to keep mosquitos away from your property.


Try these methods of mosquito control to make your yard an enjoyable space during the summer heat. We at Arrow Termite and Pest Control offer free consultations and inspections, so call us today to solve your mosquito problem!