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The Ultimate Guide to Fire Ant Control

Not only can an infestation of fire ants be a frustrating pest to eliminate, but they can also be a danger to your pets and family. Here are our tips and tricks to help get rid of the problem. Identify Areas of Infestation Unlike most ants, fire ants build mounds with no openings in the […]

Commercial Pest Control For Hotels

People are constantly traveling which brings in consistent business for hotels and lodging. Nothing can hurt a business’s reputation like a pest infestation, so follow these tips to spot an unwanted guest, take preventative measures, and eliminate the problem with professional pest control. Identify Unwanted Guests Bed bugs are a hotel’s worst nightmare. Bed bugs […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Control

Mosquitos can put a damper on outdoor plans, but preventative measures and professional treatment can help protect your yard from being overrun. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your warm-weather activities – follow our tips for both long- and short-term solutions, and contact us at Arrow Termite and Pest Control for the best mosquito control to eliminate […]

Commercial Pest Control For Restaurants

A pest infestation is a direct threat to the quality and profitability of a restaurant. How can you ensure that your establishment meets the sanitation requirements? Follow these factors and preventative measures, and call the professionals at Arrow Pest Control to keep your business safe from pests. Know Your Pests There are many possible pests […]