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The Buzz about Stinging Wasps in Louisiana: Types, Behavior, and Safety Tips

When you think of the vibrant state of Louisiana, images of delicious cuisine, lively music, and lush landscapes might come to mind. However, alongside its natural beauty, the Pelican State is also home to a variety of insects, including stinging wasps. These buzzing...

Your Guide to Summer Pests and How to Protect Your Home and Family

Pests and bugs love the environmental changes that summer brings. Though bugs do emerge during the spring, summer tends to offer more benefits to increase activity for pests. Just like humans, pests count down the days to summer for several reasons. The changes in...

The 4 Scariest Wasps From Around the World

Wasp can strike fear in even the bravest hearts. The flying insects move at speeds that are almost impossible to outrun, and are never afraid to attack. They inhabit almost every region of the world, making them tough to hide from. There are a lot of unique variations of the wasp across the world, and […]

5 Myths About Bees and Wasps

When it comes to the bug world, there are plenty of pests we just can’t stand to be around.  Spiders, roaches, ants and flies all drive us crazy, but there are two pests that just about everyone can’t stand: bees and wasps.  The likely reason that these pests have such a bad reputation is their […]