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Bed Bugs Don’t Stand a Chance

Bed Bug Removal Exterminators

A few years ago bed bugs seemed like a myth and were only heard of through a nursery rhyme. However in recent years, bed bug cases have been more common and an increasing problem in major cities with international travel continuing to rise and the 1972 ban of DDT. It is not uncommon to find bed bugs even in nice hotels. Because bed bugs disfavor bright light, they are mainly active at night. Bed bugs have a tiny flat oval body which allows them to hide easily.

Waking up with itchy or bruised skin is a common sign of a bed bug problem. Although they are called bed bugs, they do not just live in beds. Clutter, baseboards, carpeting, sofas and other furniture are all posh resorts for bed bugs. Fortunately, a bed bug problem is entirely controllable under professional care. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, our certified technicians will inspect your home’s environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

We are committed to providing a quick, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution to your pest problem, and we take every measure to protect you and your family’s safety throughout the process. So whether you suspect you have a bedbug problem or just want to make sure you never get one, we have the expertise and training to get rid of your unwanted house guests for good.

The Facts On Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs hide in bedside furniture and other areas of the room, not just your mattress.
  • Bed Bugs can cause red welts from their bites.
  • Bed Bugs can feed on a warm body for up to 15 minutes and feed off any part of your body.
  • Bed Bugs can be brought to your home on your suitcase.
  • Bed Bugs do not carry diseases.
  • Bed Bugs are not eliminated by throwing away your mattress.
  • Bed Bugs can lay up to five eggs a day and 500 during a lifetime.

How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Usually bed bugs are imported into a home through old furniture, beds, visitors, and luggage from a recent trip. Contrary to the common myth, cleanliness is not a determining factor when it comes to bed bug infestations. All that is required for bed bugs to thrive is an abundance of cracks in which to hide and the presence of warm-bodied hosts. A sure sign of bed bugs is when you see tiny reddish-brown bugs along the seams and crevices of your mattress, small blood stains on your mattress, and most obviously, if you start waking up with bruises and red bite marks on your body.

Bed Bug Treatment and Preparation Checklist

  • Strip the beds and launder all sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, and blankets.
  • Remove everything from bedroom closets and place in sealed plastic bags.
  • Remove everything from dresser drawers, nightstands, and dressing tables, and place in sealed plastic bags.
  • Have all clothing and fabrics laundered (hot wash/ hot dryer cycle) or dry-cleaned.
  • Remove drapes and have them laundered, dry-cleaned, or replaced.
  • Discard cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, paper and plastic bags, old newspapers, stacks of magazines, and similar items in all potentially infested rooms.
  • Vacuum all infested rooms, including the floor, mattresses, bedsprings, couches, chairs, closets and closet shelves, shoes, inside dresser drawers and bedside drawers. Vacuum bags are to be placed in a sealed plastic bag and discarded outside. Do not reuse plastic bags.
  • All loose items that aren’t discarded need to be placed in a sealed bag in the infested room for inspection and treatment.

Bed bug cases have been more common and an increasing problem in major cities with international travel continuing to rise and the 1972 ban of DDT. It is not uncommon to find bed bugs even in nice hotels.

DIY Solutions Are Not The Answer

Controlling and removing bed bugs requires a professional exterminator with experience in both treatment, preparation, and service. If you find one bed bug in your home, you more than likely have an infestation. These aggressive bed bugs can live weeks with out food, cause health issues, and are difficult to locate.

Arrow Treatment Methods

  • Insecticidal dusts
  • Liquid insecticides
  • High pressure aerosol treatments
  • Steam heat treatments
  • Insect growth regulators
  • Installation of mattress enclosures
  • Expanding foam
  • Bed bug monitors

Hire A Qualified Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs are gross, carry diesease, and can be hard to eliminate without the experience of a qualified bed bug exterminator. They’ve been known to live for quite a long time without food, and can adjust to various conditions.

10 MYTHS About Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of BED BUGS

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of places have bed bugs?


Why choose Arrow to solve your Bed Bug Problem?

Our team has performed over 75,000 bed bug eradications over the past 60 years and has seen many times how they can turn your world upside down. We know what you’re going through and it is truly a privilege to help you in this very difficult time.

This is for most people, a very traumatic event and we want to partner with you, form a plan, and get you your life back as quickly as possible.

How do we get rid of the Bed Bugs?

Over the past 60 years we have used every single method that is available for eradicating bed bugs.

Each of these treatments works, to some extent or another, but we have found what we think is the best all around treatment based on our experience.

We use a combination of aerosol, liquid and dust. This 3-prong attack is by far the most effective method and is also the most cost-effective as well.

Why don’t we use the common Heat Method?

It’s simple…it’s the most profitable method out there today, because it’s the most costly. The problem is, it is not always effective because bed bugs simply go into an area that is not as hot as it needs to be and then they don’t all get eradicated. This method also does not leave any residue and therefore is not nearly as effective over time.

Our Bed Bug Control Guarantee

Arrow Termite & Pest Control guarantees that if you have any problems between visits, we will gladly come back out to your home free of charge! If you are not completely satisfied with your service after we have tried to rectify the problem, Arrow will give you your money back!

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Customer Reviews

Highly satisfied with the service...
We have been using Arrow since we moved into our new home in August 2019 and we are highly satisfied with the service that they provide. Chris is our technician and she very knowledgeable and listens carefully in order to know the best way to treat the problem at hand. And she does a fantastic job every time. I highly recommend using Arrow for all of your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Jennifer L

Highly professional service...
Highly professional service. Technician Aaron came to my home and did a thorough job of spraying interior and exterior. He explained each product he was using and the purpose of each. Very knowledgeable of products. I’ve used arrow for a few years and he has been the best technician to service my home. Please put him on my quarterly treatment!!

-Google Review, Christian A

She is very thorough inside and out...
We recently started using Arrow for Quarterly pest/bug prevention on our new construction home. Both on the initial visit and today's quarterly Krista has been awesome. She took the time to answer all our questions and let us know things to watch for in a new home. She is very thorough inside and out and we immediately saw a decrease in outside bugs. I highly recommend Krista and Arrow for your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Emily K

Thorough, professional, courteous...
Roman by far is the best tech that has provided my termite service thus far. He was very thorough, professional, courteous and paid attention to detail. He communicated well all findings. He is a truly an asset to Arrow Termite and Pest Control. If at all possible, I would like to request him for services in the future.

-Google Review, Micheal D

Amazing service...
Amazing service! Aaron came out and was quick, and super friendly, along with Wesley the original guy that came out to do the quote. He was super honest and up front about what could be done on our end to save money and then their end. I would highly recommend them!

-Google Review, Samantha S

I am pleased with their response...
I called because I suddenly had all kinds of miscellaneous bugs in my home. I called, scheduled an inspection and had service all in the same week. Bugs are gone (or dying! ) and I am pleased with their response, service and knowledge about these bugs in my area. Call them!

-Google Review, K Weetkins

Great Service...
Great service, usually the same people spraying the house, and they actually answer their own phone calls and there is no automated service to deal with.

-Google Review, H Gheriani

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