For some, a home isn’t a home without a pet. Pets resemble family. They’re generally around bringing joy and comfort to their owner, eating, dozing and traveling with them. They’re generally steadfast and glad to see their proprietors following a long, hard day at work. Furthermore as a result of a lot of, dealing with the family pets and keeping them out of danger is frequently a main concern of pet people.

That is the reason having a bug control plan is useful for your home. It’s not only useful for individuals who live in it; it’s useful for the creatures, too. Bugs can be destructive and an irritation for mortgage holders, yet some can likewise be unsafe to your pets.

Pests that may be harmful to your pets

Indoor and outside bugs can be harmful and bothersome forindividuals and homes. Be that as it may, some likewise represent a danger to your pets. Realizing what to search for can assist you with recognizing the most well-known pests, regardless of whether they aren’t visible. Make certain to meet with your veterinarian so he or she can recommend methods to protect your pets from common pests that can cause disease and illness.


Owners don’t need to be concerned more with just wathcing their pet itch and scratch from a mosquito bite. Heartworms can be an issue, too. Mosquitoes can send heartworm hatchlings to canines and felines, which can make them incredibly sick and perhaps become lethal. Canines are especially powerless.

While outside mosquito control can’t ensure that your pets won’t get heartworms, it can assist with decreasing the mosquito populace in your yard. This will assist with decreasing your pets’ openness to mosquitoes and their nibbles.


Ticks can convey microbes that can cause Lyme sickness (among different illnesses), conceivably sending it to canines and felines in case they are nibbled. Whenever left untreated, Lyme disease can influence your pet’s joints and organs.

Controlling for ticks can’t ensure your pets don’t get Lyme infection or different illnesses. Be that as it may, legitimate outside tick control can assist with diminishing the tick populace in your yard, thusly assisting with decreasing your pets’ openness to ticks.


Fleas can make your pet scratch and itch wildly. For pet owners this would be difficult to watch and experience, however it can likewise be painful for the pet, as relentless scratching can lead to painful injuries that can become infected. Bugs can likewise convey tapeworms and the microorganisms that cause feline scratch fever. An inside bug control administration can assist you with dealing with insects that make it into your home. What’s more here are a few hints for helping get free of bugs in your yard.

However bug control can assist with the above issues, note that it ought not be considered a preventive technique for heartworms, Lyme sickness or different issues identified with the bugs referenced previously. Rather, for the best preventive measures, animal people ought to talk with their veterinarians for heartworm counteraction just as tick and bug control.

What pest control treatment is safe for pets?

As a pet owner, you often think “Is pest control safe for pet?” Professional pest control, flea, tick, and mosquito treatments can be both effective and safe to apply in and around homes that have pets. Professionals are skilled in identifying the types of pests and the appropriate control methods to keep them safe. Arrow technicians apply the right treatments in strict accordance with label directions while keeping your kids and pets in mind with placement of the products. While you and your pets may not have to leave your home during pest control, it is a good idea to take these precautionary actions below:


  1. Keep your pets put up while your pest control technician is at your home performing the pest control service.
  2. Keep dogs and cats away from treated areas for a certain amount of time while it dries, if instructed to do so.
  3. Remove food and water bowls, bedding and toys from treated areas.
  4. Remove or cover reptile cages, fish tanks or amphibian terrariums before treatment.
  5. And always discuss any concerns you have with your pest control technician.

How to help prevent pests

Keeping fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and pests from entering your house is one way that pet people can assist with protecting their pets. The following are some preventive advances you can take yourself or with the assistance of an expert:

  1. Consult with a veterinarian for prevention and treatment strategies for any pests seen on the pet and/or near your pet’s resting areas.
  2. Regularly check your pet’s food, water and shelter for bugs.
  3. Bedding should be washed and dried following manufacturer’s instructions if you see signs of insect activity.
  4. Toys should be washed and cleaned following manufacturer’s instructions if you see signs of insect activity.
  5. To keep pests like ants and cockroaches away, store pet food in sealed containers.
  6. Clean bird and small pet cages regularly.
  7. Fix leaky plumbing and remove areas of standing water.
  8. Seal cracks and crevices to help keep bugs out of your house, including your window frames.
  9. Keep leaves raked, grass cut and bushes trimmed to reduce tick habitat.
  10. Check your pets regularly for fleas and ticks, especially when they are allowed outside of your yard or other controlled areas, especially during flea and tick season.
  11. Regularly clean fish tanks and reptile terrariums, replace water and check for signs of pests.

If your pet has been affected by pests, you should consult with your veterinarian before using any medications or repellents.

How pest control professionals can help

Arrow Termite and Pest Control technicians are trained and knowledgable in identifying and analyzing pest infestations and using the tools most effective for the situation. At the point when mosquitoes and ticks are eradicated and controlled, your pets will be worry free from the diesease and illnesses they cause. Contact your neighborhood Arrow branch to get everything rolling today.

Our Pest Control Guarantee

Arrow Termite & Pest Control guarantees that if you have any problems between visits, we will gladly come back out to your home free of charge! If you are not completely satisfied with your service after we have tried to rectify the problem, Arrow will give you your money back!

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