Non-Chemical Termite Barrier Protection

Now you can add long term, non-chemical insect exclusion to your new home by using TERM® Sustainable Insect Barrier as the building envelope. Residential grade TERM Barriers block moisture and termites with continuous above slab and partial above ground barriers. 

TERM Sealant Barrier

This sealant barrier seals moisture out and saves energy. Additionally, it seals out subterranean termites and other insects, using a proprietary non-chemical formulation proven by long and short term laboratory and field university tests since 1999.

TERM Particle Barrier

Particle barriers are highly specialized stone particles, of a size and shape proven by 60 years of U.S. and international testing to block passage by subterranean termites. This specialized stone termite barrier has been used since the 1980’s in construction across the Pacific Rim, including Hawaii and Australia.

TERM Micromesh Barrier

are specialized screens. Screening used around most structures today excludes many insects, but not smaller species. The most invasive and destructive insects, subterranean termites, require screen apertures no larger than 0.018” (1/55th inch).


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Non-chemical insect exclusion involves recognizing that ground level slabs or floors contain a multitude of entry points for insects coming from underground. TERM Sustainable Insect Barriers were developed over 17 years of testing with entomology scientists at Texas A&M and other major universities.


Get Worry-Free Protection From Termites, Insects, & Rodents

TERM Barriers have been developed by Polyguard Products, a manufacturer of waterproofing and energy saving products since 1952. Polyguard materials protect homes, hospitals, stadiums, office buildings, and other major structures across the country and around the world.

TERM Barriers protect against moisture and energy leaks, plus provide a physical barrier, containing no pesticides, which is classified by the EPA as a “device”. Because TERM is built in during construction, almost every insect entry point around the home will be blocked.

Our Termite Control Service Process



We perform a complete inspection of your entire home, both inside and outside to identify potential termite problems.


We treat both the interior and exterior of your home, focusing on potential problem areas to provide guaranteed termite prevention for your home.



Once your home has been treated, we’ll routinely monitor and maintain your home to ensure you don’t have any more pest control problems in the future.


We’ll provide you with a detailed report of the pest control treatments we performed on your home and provide recommendations on prevention.



We strive to stay in close communication with all of our customers and will stay in touch with you about scheduled visit and address your needs.

The Best Termite Protection Plan, For The Lowest Cost of Any Provider!

With over 60 years experience in the termite control industry, Arrow has developed highly effective termite prevention strategies to help protect your home.  Now, we’re making access to protection even easier through the TERM Sustainable Insect Barriers!  Your home will be protected inside and out!

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