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Rodent, Rat, and Mice Control

For most homeowners, discovering a rodent in your home is incredibly unsettling and can be a major pest control issue. Mice and rats can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and crevices to enter into your home, using pipes, gaps beneath doors, and utility lines. ¼ of an inch is all it takes.

Rodent Control Service & Rodent Exclusion Services by Arrow Termite and Pest Control. The highest rated local rodent control, trapping, exclusion, and sanitation company in the greater Baton Rouge area. We hire and extensively train our team of rodent  fighting technicians to understand the structure of a home and how to properly seal it to keep rodents out. The best way to keep your home rodent-free is to prevent rats and mice from ever getting inside.

Rodents fit through very small openings and can gnaw through wood, lead, aluminum, copper, cinder block, and uncured concrete. For most homeowners, discovering a rodent in your home is incredibly unsettling and can lead to structural damage and long-term health issues. Mice and rats can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and crevices to enter into your home, using pipes, gaps beneath doors, and utility lines. ¼ of an inch is all it takes.

So I have rodents!  What does that come with?

  • Droppings: The average rodent “deposits” 50 droppings per day!
  • Urine Stains
  • Chewing or gnawing along pathways
  • Odor: Urine from male rodents
  • Scurrying or scratching: Visible or audible rodent activity in a home
  • Grease marks: Rodents routinely rub their bodies against runways and walls.
  • Disease:  Rodents are known to transmit Hantavirus, Salmonella, and other diseases.  Their continued presence can also diminish air quality in your home.
  • Other Pests:  Rats can easily spread fleas, ticks, mites, and other pests!

But fear not, Arrow has the solution!

  • Exterior Exclusion:  Arrow will identify the areas of rodent entry and will seal those areas and other common entry points so future rodent infestations don’t occur.
  • Interior Glue Boards:  Arrow will utilize scented non-toxic glue boards inside the structure.  This makes for a quick catch and easy disposal for the homeowner.
  • Interior Snap Traps:  Arrow will strategically place lured snap traps and come back to check the traps and dispose of any rodents.
  • Sanitation:  Arrow does offer clean-up services in attics for rodent infestations that cause severe odor and threats to air quality due to heavy urine and feces.  This is done through sanitizers, misting machines, vacuums, and physical removal of nests and other infested materials.
  • Contaminated Insultation Removal Services:  Professional team have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces. Using commercial insulation removal Vaccuums are able to remove all of the insulation and other contamination in an attic WITHOUT any of it traveling through the living space of the home. Our experienced staff will removed and replace your attic insulation Contaminated with animal feces and urine.
  • Rodent Repellent Treatment:  Rodents sense of smell is 2.5 times greater than of humans. They feel most comfortable when they can run along side walls with their whiskers touching. This puts their nose right next to the foundation which has been sprayed with our reodent repellent treatment. The smell forces the rodents to go elsewhere preventing them from entering the structure. The eco-friendly repellent is made up of essential oils that contain a smell that rodents hate. The liquid binds to the foundation and is not easily washed off.
  • Exterior Rodent Stations:  These secured boxes are placed outside with bait or snap traps inside and are monitored on a routine basis.  *If bait is used, Arrow does not guarantee that a rodent will not die in your wall.
  • Education:  Arrow will educate you on how to make your home naturally less appealing the rodents!  Please view our Rodent Tips Below!

Rodent Tips: In general, cleanliness is the enemy of rodents!

  • Make sure any pet food is secure and stored properly.  Do not leave pet food (or any food) out overnight.
  • Trash needs to be secured properly where rodents do not have easy access.
  • Vegetation needs to be cut back from the home as much as possible.  Trees do not need to be overhanging the home.
  • Make sure your home has proper drainage and no standing water is around that will attract rodents.  Small bird baths and clogged gutters are common to attract rodents.
  • Routinely inspect your home for cracks and potential entry points for rodents.  A/C vents and other utilities going into your wall are common points.
  • Rodents can scale walls vertically.  Remember to inspect attics vents and eaves for entry points as well.

Current Customers:  Preventative exclusion and rodent control can be added to a regular pest control contract for a nominal fee. Please call for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arrow offer one-time solutions or can I sign up for a maintenance plan?

We offer both of these options for customers. It’s important we complete a full inspection on your home and present a temporary solution to erradicate the existing problem then move forward with discussing a rodent prevention plan. Our solutions include snap traps, glue boards, exterior rodent stations, sanitation, removal, and customer education.

Are your products safe for my home and pets?

All of our methods for rodent extermination and chemical treatments are approved by the EPA. Our team will educate the homeowners about the products and solutions installed for service. A technician will ensure a safe deployment of any application or trapping device.

How did rodents get inside my structure?

Rodents such as mice and rats can cause serious issues if they find their way in indoors. Their long, flexible and cylindrical body shape allows them to fit through tiny cracks and crevices. In fact, rats can maneuver through holes as small as a quarter and mice can squeeze through openings the size of a dime.

I have rats or mice. Where are they most likely hiding?

Among homeowners who have seen a rodent in their home in the past year, the top four places spotted were the kitchen, garage, attic, or basement.

Do rodents carry diseases and can I get sick?

Rodents worldwide are responsible for carrying up to 35 different diseases. Viruses from rodents are transmitted to people primarily through the air. These urine stains, droppings, or odors can ruin your home and place your health at great risk.

How much experience does Arrow have with handling rodent issues?

We have over 60 years of experience in rodent control. Our methods have helped thousands of people over the years and we continue to develop better solutions at a more affordable rate. Please take advantage of our 10% off initial treatment special.

Our Rodent Control Guarantee

Arrow Termite & Pest Control guarantees that if you have any problems between visits, we will gladly come back out to your home free of charge! If you are not completely satisfied with your service after we have tried to rectify the problem, Arrow will give you your money back!

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Customer Reviews

Highly satisfied with the service...
We have been using Arrow since we moved into our new home in August 2019 and we are highly satisfied with the service that they provide. Chris is our technician and she very knowledgeable and listens carefully in order to know the best way to treat the problem at hand. And she does a fantastic job every time. I highly recommend using Arrow for all of your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Jennifer L

Highly professional service...
Highly professional service. Technician Aaron came to my home and did a thorough job of spraying interior and exterior. He explained each product he was using and the purpose of each. Very knowledgeable of products. I’ve used arrow for a few years and he has been the best technician to service my home. Please put him on my quarterly treatment!!

-Google Review, Christian A

She is very thorough inside and out...
We recently started using Arrow for Quarterly pest/bug prevention on our new construction home. Both on the initial visit and today's quarterly Krista has been awesome. She took the time to answer all our questions and let us know things to watch for in a new home. She is very thorough inside and out and we immediately saw a decrease in outside bugs. I highly recommend Krista and Arrow for your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Emily K

Thorough, professional, courteous...
Roman by far is the best tech that has provided my termite service thus far. He was very thorough, professional, courteous and paid attention to detail. He communicated well all findings. He is a truly an asset to Arrow Termite and Pest Control. If at all possible, I would like to request him for services in the future.

-Google Review, Micheal D

Amazing service...
Amazing service! Aaron came out and was quick, and super friendly, along with Wesley the original guy that came out to do the quote. He was super honest and up front about what could be done on our end to save money and then their end. I would highly recommend them!

-Google Review, Samantha S

I am pleased with their response...
I called because I suddenly had all kinds of miscellaneous bugs in my home. I called, scheduled an inspection and had service all in the same week. Bugs are gone (or dying! ) and I am pleased with their response, service and knowledge about these bugs in my area. Call them!

-Google Review, K Weetkins

Great Service...
Great service, usually the same people spraying the house, and they actually answer their own phone calls and there is no automated service to deal with.

-Google Review, H Gheriani

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