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The $20 Initial Pest Control Special

This is good news for so many people. When you are making use of pest control Baton Rouge for the first time, you are only going to pay $20 for the first treatment. This is the most affordable and comprehensive pest control plan in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas....

Mosquito Control Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Protect Your Family - Take Your Yard Back With Our Mosquito Treatment Special One thing that's not fun anymore is to be outdoors, enjoying a barbecue or enjoying a summer night with friends, in your beautiful garden. The reason? Because of mosquitoes. Mosquito Control...

How to Keep Gnats Away from Your Summer Fun

Ready to get rid of your backyard’s least welcomed visitor? Gnats are some of the tiniest bugs around. However, they have the power to force even the liveliest outdoor occasion inside and can prove to be a major pest control problem. They typically swarm around food, trash or fruit and always have a large group […]

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