Pantry Pest Infestations

Arrow Pest Control effectively treats for pesky Pantry Pests infestations in your pantry and kitchen! We offer this service as a specialty quarterly pest control or as a one time treatments.

The Facts:

Arrow Pest Control effectively treats for pesky Pantry Pests infestations in your pantry and kitchen! We offer this service as a specialty quarterly pest control or as a one time treatments. If you discover you have Pantry Pests, such as Meal Moths or Cigarette Beetles infesting your grains and pantry food, call a professional pest control company to effectively treat and eliminate the pests from your home.

What is a Meal Moth?

Meal Moths or “Pantry Pests” are insects that feed on flour, dry pasta, powdered milk, spices, bird seed, cereal, etc. The Indian Meal Moth and Cigarette Beetle are the most common Meal Moths found in the pantry and home. The moth and beetle can be brought into your home in prepackaged food products or from outside, entering through cracks and crevices in your home. Cleanliness is not necessarily a factor on how these bugs find their home. All it really takes is a particular food source that is habitable

Meal Moth Treatment

Before Arrow Pest Control can treat for the Meal Moth infestation, a trained technician will perform a thorough inspection of the infested area to determine what treatment plan is necessary to exterminate the pantry pests. You as the homeowner play an important role in the pre-treatment role as well! Infested pantry products need to be disposed of and the pantry needs to be cleaned out before treatment takes places. After disposing of the infested pantry products and cleaning the pantry, we suggest placing cereal and grain products in sealed containers. Arrow Termite and Pest Control will treat the pantry with insecticide and place Indian Meal Moth traps on the highest area of the pantry. This treatment can only commence after the pantry has been cleansed of infested pantry products. Furthermore we shall not begin treatment if consumable cereals and grain products are not paced in plastic containers or are removed from the immediate area.

Customer Reviews

Highly satisfied with the service...
We have been using Arrow since we moved into our new home in August 2019 and we are highly satisfied with the service that they provide. Chris is our technician and she very knowledgeable and listens carefully in order to know the best way to treat the problem at hand. And she does a fantastic job every time. I highly recommend using Arrow for all of your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Jennifer L

Highly professional service...
Highly professional service. Technician Aaron came to my home and did a thorough job of spraying interior and exterior. He explained each product he was using and the purpose of each. Very knowledgeable of products. I’ve used arrow for a few years and he has been the best technician to service my home. Please put him on my quarterly treatment!!

-Google Review, Christian A

She is very thorough inside and out...
We recently started using Arrow for Quarterly pest/bug prevention on our new construction home. Both on the initial visit and today's quarterly Krista has been awesome. She took the time to answer all our questions and let us know things to watch for in a new home. She is very thorough inside and out and we immediately saw a decrease in outside bugs. I highly recommend Krista and Arrow for your pest control needs.

-Google Review, Emily K

Thorough, professional, courteous...
Roman by far is the best tech that has provided my termite service thus far. He was very thorough, professional, courteous and paid attention to detail. He communicated well all findings. He is a truly an asset to Arrow Termite and Pest Control. If at all possible, I would like to request him for services in the future.

-Google Review, Micheal D

Amazing service...
Amazing service! Aaron came out and was quick, and super friendly, along with Wesley the original guy that came out to do the quote. He was super honest and up front about what could be done on our end to save money and then their end. I would highly recommend them!

-Google Review, Samantha S

I am pleased with their response...
I called because I suddenly had all kinds of miscellaneous bugs in my home. I called, scheduled an inspection and had service all in the same week. Bugs are gone (or dying! ) and I am pleased with their response, service and knowledge about these bugs in my area. Call them!

-Google Review, K Weetkins

Great Service...
Great service, usually the same people spraying the house, and they actually answer their own phone calls and there is no automated service to deal with.

-Google Review, H Gheriani

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