Settling in for a relaxing evening in your backyard is the best part of the summer! Kicking your feet up, taking a dip in the pool or even firing up the grill! Typically, your afternoon is fantastic until that familiar buzz begins, and the itching starts. The first couple of bites are generally a signal that it’s time to head in, and just like that, your evening is over. What if we told you, your nights don’t have to end this way? It’s easy to prevent mosquito swarms if you implement the right preventative measures. Check out our list below for a few tips on how to stop late-night mosquito swarms.


Invest in Powerful Repellent Spray

A potent insecticide can keep mosquitoes at bay for days at a time. Depending on the formula, mosquito populations will refrain from reproducing and laying eggs on your property.

Mosquito misting systems are equipped with insecticides that prevent mosquitos from treating your property like their home. These systems regularly treat your yard, without you even knowing. Most are automatic and spray every day, whether you realize it or not.

Having some guest over in 30 minutes? You can use the manual controls to spray whenever you feel it’s necessary too.  Just grab your remote and do a quick spray of your property.


Keep Your Grass Trimmed

Make sure you regularly mow your yard! Mosquitoes fly very close to the ground and can be hard to spot in the high grass. Whenever you head out into your yard, you’re guaranteed to get bitten since you can’t see them coming. Stay on a schedule for trimming your yard and be very thorough.


Remove Standing Water

Many mosquito populations use standing water to breed. Most commonly, female mosquitos use water to lay their eggs. As moisture builds up over time, young mosquitoes are born. Check your yard for any sources of standing water. Containers, flower pots or fountains are often to blame for an increase in mosquito populations. Dump out the water in these areas and refresh it regularly to avoid attracting mosquitoes in the future.