Termatrac Inspection



What is The Termatrac?

Arrow Pest Control has access to the best available non-intrusive termite inspection device, the Termatrac.  The World’s #1 Termite Detector easily identifies termite risk areas using the “Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built in Moisture Sensor.” The patented “Termite Detection Radar” then detects, confirms, and tracks the presence of termites, along with locating nests, mud-tunnels, and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment to be applied to only the areas required.

How to Confirm the Presence of Termites:

Why Should I Want The Termatrac?

Termatrac’s latest pioneering evolution, the T3i, revolutionizes termite inspection practices and technology to be the first sophisticated 3-in-1 termite detection unit.

The 3 most valuable technologies to detect, locate, and confirm the presence of termites without physically penetrating and damaging building structures are a Remote Thermal Sensor, a Moisture Meter and a Termatrac Termite Detection Radar.

The functionality of the Remote Thermal Sensor, the Moisture Meter and the Termite Detection Radar is easily managed on the PDA. Bluetooth wireless data transmission from the T3i device to the PDA enables data to be easily analyzed in a convenient manner plus stored with building position references and operator comments/notes for future analysis. In addition, the PC export functionality and report writer facilitates data back-up and integration into inspection reports.

Not Convinced Yet?

Along with the Termatrac equipment, we offer Thermal Imaging Cameras for our termite inspections. The Thermal Imaging Cameras enable operators to scan the surface temperatures of a large area or number of items at once, and have the information presented in an easy-to-interpret image.

Thermal Imaging Pictures

coloring indicates moisture. This is a picture of a wooden stud behind a wall that is damaged from Formosan Termites.

Make sure to request the Termatrac for your termite inspection!

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Moisture Meter used to identify moisture levels conducive to termite risk areas via the concentrated presence of high levels of moisture.


Termite Detection Radar to accurately detect and confirm the presence of termites.


Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide to detect potential termite risk areas via heat differential.



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