Green pest control solutions have been increasing in popularity as more companies become aware of the harmful nature of pesticides. Green applications protect young people, and those with weak immune systems avoid dangerous chemicals and illness. Green pest control isn’t about entirely doing away with pesticides, however. It’s a practice focused on the secure application of safe insecticides. Read below to learn about how green pest control would work in your home.


Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is the most crucial aspect of any green pest control treatment plan. This form of pest control implementation typically reduces pesticide use by about 90 percent. IPM focuses on examining and eliminating environmental factors that encourage pest reproduction. Your pest control company will start by identifying the pest. Next, they’ll survey your home and the surrounding area to determine how large the pest population has grown. Once they’ve developed a full profile of your pest infestation, the pest control professionals will begin applying natural barriers. If necessary, pesticides are used, thoughtfully and carefully.


What Does ‘Green’ Mean?

In the pest control world, green implies the services are being based on non-chemical measures and relying on naturally occurring pesticides if necessary. Pest control companies use a number of safe chemicals. For example, a pest control company may choose to target cockroaches by using insect growth regulators. These pesticides specifically target the cockroach, harming no other organisms in the process. The goal of every green pest control program is to avoid affecting any other organism.


Arrow Termite & Pest Control’s Green Promise

At Arrow Termite & Pest Control we use our pest expertise, the latest technology, organic pesticides, and exclusion techniques to ensure maximum results featuring the least environmental impact. The pesticides we use have no harmful odors, and homeowners are never encouraged to leave at the time of treatment. Contact us today for a Free Estimate and to begin your green pest control treatment!