Pests and bugs love the environmental changes that summer brings. Though bugs do emerge during the spring, summer tends to offer more benefits to increase activity for pests. Just like humans, pests count down the days to summer for several reasons. The changes in weather, moisture, and conditions make summer the perfect season to invade your yard or property. It’s important to keep an eye out for these pests during the summertime and to implement preventive measures from a future infestation in the fall and winter. Stinging insects, spiders, mosquitoes, fire ants, cockroaches, and termites love the heat and wet conditions summer brings. You can prepare your home by cleaning indoors on a regular basis, keep the grass cut and eliminate standing water, and fix any holes, tears, or entry points into your home or windows.

Why Are Pests More Active During Summer Time?

More Daylight

Many bugs search for food during the day. Having a little more light each day gives them a longer timeframe to find food.

Higher Temps

During the summer, insects are receiving plenty of heat to keep their body warm. This allows them to be active.


Like humans, insects need water to survive. The summer offers the potential for rainfall and a humid environment.

Access to Food

During summer months, flowers and vegetation are plentiful. This is perfect for hungry insects that feed on plants and their nectar. 

Quick Life Cycle

The heat increases the rate of development in insects. Eggs that hatched during the spring can develop quickly into adults.

Stinging Insects Love Summer

Every year in summer, queen wasps re-emerge to seek new places to nest and breed. The ideal nesting location is hidden away to predators, protected from exposure, and close to food and buildings. When the wasp queen finds a nest, they begin laying eggs to start a new colony. When the eggs hatch, the resulting workers build out the nest while the queen keeps reproducing. Normally towards the end of spring the wasp colonies are reproducing at a rapid rate and by summer they have reached peak population.

Mosquitoes Like It Wet And Warm

As the hot weather of summer arrives, mosquito season reaches its peak. The warm temperatures speed up their life cycle, so more are laying eggs and more eggs are hatching. Mosquitoes also embrace the moisture and wet conditions that typcially come with summertime. Population will vary based on the climate and weather conditions in your area. Mosquitoes can carry many dangerous diseases that can make you very sick.

Increased Spider Activity On Your Property

Spiders love the warm temperatures and water is easier to find. Spiders will also get comfortable once they find a place where food is plentiful. Spider population will increase going into August and September as they mature in size.

Cockroaches Come Out From Hiding

Infestations happen more in the summertime because the increased heat forces them to feed and reproduce at a much faster rate. When it gets too hot, even roaches that usually stay outdoors find their way into your home or business in search of water, food, and shelter.

Termites Love the Heat and Moisture Summer Brings

Termites are very active during the summertime since they love the heat and increased wet conditions.  The warm weather outside and humidity creates the perfect conditions for termites to feast, breed, and grow the colony.

Don’t let summer pests take over your property!

Stinging insects, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, earwigs, fire ants, termites, and silverfish are just some of the pests that may invade your home or property this summer. Take advantage of a free pest control consultation today with a professional Arrow service represenative. Arrow offers residential pest prevention services with flexible add-ons such as termite coverage with a damage warranty, mosquito control, rodent control, and more! 

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