Commercial Pest Control Services & Guaranteed Protection for Your Business

Arrow Termite & Pest Control provides professional commercial pest control services to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston and more.

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Protect Your Business from Bugs with Commercial Pest Control Services

5Arrow Pest Control’s goal is to make Commercial Pest Control an easy task for you and your business. To know what treatment will work best for your pest needs, a trained technician will first do a thorough inside and outside inspection.  Once the inspection has taken place, the technician will introduce Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to organically help your business become and remain pest free. Some examples of IPM would be to always keep food in sealed containers, take the trash out often, and to clean your dishes daily. Arrow also offers employee education on pests and sanitation. Next a specialized treatment plan will be presented for your business’ needs.

When you need Commercial Pest Control, Arrow Pest Control’s professional, knowledgeable team of certified technicians can help you with any pest problem your business might have. Arrow offers a variety of pest control programs that are best suited for the needs of the property and business.

Arrow Pest Control specializes in servicing: Law Offices, Schools ,Condos & Apartment Complexes, Nursing Homes, Oil Rigs, Food Processing Plants, Oil & Gas Plants, Warehouses

Arrow Pest Control specializes in servicing restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools, apartments and condos, hospitals, food processing plants, warehouses and distribution facilities, and grocery stores. Some of our standard services include:  Cockroach Extermination, Termite Control, Rodent Control, General Pest Control.

Our Pest Control Service Process

Complete Pest Control Inspection

We perform a complete inspection of your entire home, both inside and outside to identify potential pest control problems.

Guaranteed Pest Prevention

We treat both the interior and exterior of your home, focusing on potential problem areas to provide guaranteed pest prevention for your home.

On-Going Monitoring

Once your home has been treated, we’ll routinely monitor and maintain your home to ensure you don’t have any more pest control problems in the future.

Detailed Reporting

We’ll provide you with a detailed report of the pest control treatments we performed on your home and provide recommendations on prevention.

We'll Follow Up

We strive to stay in close communication with all of our customers and will stay in touch with you about scheduled visit and address your needs.

Our Pest Control Guarantee

Arrow Termite & Pest Control guarantees that if you have any problems between visits, we will gladly come back out to your business free of charge! If you are not completely satisfied with your service after we have tried to rectify the problem, Arrow will give you your money back!

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