Protect Your Family – Take Your Yard Back With Our Mosquito Treatment Special

One thing that’s not fun anymore is to be outdoors, enjoying a barbecue or enjoying a summer night with friends, in your beautiful garden. The reason? Because of mosquitoes. Mosquito Control is really popular in the Louisiana area, because of the huge number of mosquitoes that can be found here. Arrow Termite and Pest Control offers a large variety of Mosquito control services to choose from to protect your family from deadly disease.

Mosquito Control Services In Baton Rouge, LA

With Mosquito Control Baton Rouge services, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors again, without worrying about any insects biting or bothering you anymore. Especially, if you are outside your home, enjoying the summer night and having some family time outdoors. With the right pest control, you will not only be rid of these pests indoors but also outdoors as well.

Mosquito Control

If you are asking the pest control services in this area about the one pest control, they are doing the most, they will answer quickly. Mosquito control is the one thing that they are doing on a regular basis. Especially during the summer. But, don’t think that they will not need to do any mosquito control during the winter as well. You will be surprised about how many mosquitoes there still are during the winter. In most other countries, mosquito control isn’t really something where you need to call in the professionals. But, not when you are in this location. Then you might want to call in for pest control as soon as possible. Arrow Termite and Pest Control offers a few different mosquito treatment suppression options.

Mosquito Control Back Pack Service

Each mosquito hotspots within a 25-30 feet radius of your home is then blasted with a high powered back pack mister. Our specially crafted formula kills mosquitoes at all stages of life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each technician is trained to identify and inspect your property for mosquito conductive areas. Following their inspection you’ll receive a report highlighting areas that need to be treated with mosquito suppression and checked regularly (bird baths, standing water, clogged gutters).

Mistaway Mosquito Misting System

The Mistaway Mosquito Control System is a high-tech solution to your mosquito problem! The system automatically sprays a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of mosquito misting nozzles installed on your property. A pest control professional from Arrow will install the system for you! After installation, we’ll continue to monitor, repair and refill your system with products. Each system comes with remote capabilities and can be controlled through your smartphone device for optimal mosquito suppression and control. Arrow can also repair any brands of existing mosquito misting systems you may currently have on your property.

Other services that you can hire Arrow Termite and Pest Control Baton Rouge for:

The good news is that if you are hiring Mosquito Control Baton Rouge for getting rid of your mosquitoes during the summer, then you are getting some other benefits as well. Some benefits that will benefit you and your family when you are having a great time outdoors. These are some of the other services that you can hire this pest our control company for.

  • Flea and tick control. This is important if you have pets at home.
  • Rodent and Wildlife Control Services.
  • Termite Control Services, liquid and both baiting treatment options available.
  • Pest Control services, $20 initial pest control introduction special.
  • Bed Bug Control and Fumigation services.

With Mosquito Control Baton Rouge, you will be able to get rid of that nasty and irritating mosquitoes when you are enjoying the outdoors. The more you know about this pest control method, you better you will understand why so many people are considering making use of this pest control agency.