Have you come across some strange droppings or heard scratching sounds at home? Well, there may be a chance you have some new guests. There are a few major signs to look for when you’re trying to identify a rodent infestation. We’ve listed a few of the key things to check for if you think there may be rodents in your home.


Rat Holes

Rats are known for digging and creating extensive burrow systems where they take shelter. Specifically, brown rats dig to create shelter, food storage and nestings. They commonly build rat burrows next to solid objects, hard structures and sturdy walls. Check the exterior of your home for entryways.



Rats are known to frequent less used areas of a building. This means they commonly track through dust and debris, leaving footprints along the way. To check for infestation sprinkle flour in the area and check for fresh tracks the next day.


Rat Droppings

Rats produce up to 40 droppings every night! When you’re dealing with a infestation in your home droppings may be the first time that these pests have moved in. Rat droppings are small, dark brown and similar in shape to a large grain of rice. Check behind appliances and furniture for droppings regularly.


Scratching Noises

Black rats are incredibly active during the night. They climb, gnaw and chew different objects in the home so they can create the perfect nesting. If you commonly hear scratching noises late at night in the basement, attic or loft of your home you may be dealing with an infestation. Brown rats specifically can be identified by the grinding noise their teeth make.


Rub Marks

Rats have poor eyesight, so they commonly use walls or skirting boards to guide themselves around. They regularly collect grease and dirt on their bodies. As they rub along these services as they move around their home they leave smudges. Check the areas of your home that receive less traffic for rub marks.