A pest infestation is a direct threat to the quality and profitability of a restaurant. How can you ensure that your establishment meets the sanitation requirements? Follow these factors and preventative measures, and call the professionals at Arrow Pest Control to keep your business safe from pests.

Know Your Pests

There are many possible pests that could invade your establishment. Cockroaches and flies gravitate towards food and water sources which can pose a threat of contaminating your food. Rodents can be found scavenging through the trash or chewing through packaging in search of food. Some pests are more difficult to notice, but they pose the same threat of contamination. Bags of flour, grain, and nuts should be inspected for insects such as weevils, moths, and other small insects. Preventative measures can be taken to ward off these pests, but if you spot one of these pests, call for professional treatment immediately.

Know Interior and Exterior Factors

Knowing how these pests can enter and infest your business can help you to establish preventative measures with your employees. Doors and windows on your property can create entrances for pests. Make sure to keep these closed as much as possible, and consider door sweeps to help seal gaps where pests might enter. Outdoor dumpsters and indoor trashcans can also provide a breeding ground for flies and ants. Keeping trash receptacles closed and emptying the trash often can help to eliminate these small pests and ward off the attention of larger pests, such as rats. Sanitize food preparation surfaces to remove possible food sources, and keep food storage containers tightly sealed.

Seek Professional Treatment

We at Arrow Termite and Pest Control want to see that your restaurant meets the highest level of sanitation requirements. We offer free commercial inspections where we can target your pest issues and treat for infestation. Once we have completed your treatment, we will monitor the treatment site to ensure that your establishment is free of pests and safe from future attacks. We can provide your solution, no matter the pest.


Arrow Termite and Pest Control can ensure that your business is safe from infestation. Call us today to schedule your Free Commercial Pest Control Inspection!