It is important for hospitals and healthcare facilities to maintain the highest level of sanitation to ensure a clean and respectable establishment. Here’s how Arrow Pest Control can help keep your business free of pests!

Complete Pest Control Inspection

Pests can enter with visitors, staff, or from the immediate surroundings of the building including trees and other vegetation. What early preventative measure can you take to fight a pest infestation? Make sure that trees and plants are trimmed and kept at least two feet from your building’s exterior. Inspect all delivery boxes before they enter your facility. Dispose of garbage regularly.

If you should notice signs of pests, call us right away. Our Arrow professionals will complete a full inspection of your property to find the root of your pest control issues. Whether it is ants, termites, spiders, or bed bugs, we will find the source of the problem and eliminate the issue. We want to make Commercial Pest Control simple for your business.

Guaranteed Pest Prevention

How can you help to guarantee that your facility remains pest-free? Make sure to educate your staff on signs of possible infestation. Your staff should notice red flags of pest infestation such as a buzzing around garbage or food sources or a single bedbug, rodent dropping, or cockroach. If one of these signs are spotted, contact professional pest control immediately to treat the issue. Once your team has identified the issue and our Arrow technicians have targeted current and possible future problem areas, we will provide the best treatment possible to ensure that your property is safe from infestation.

On-Going Monitoring

Following treatment, we will monitor the site of treatment to protect your property from future attacks. We stay in touch with you to make sure that all of your needs are met, even going as far to come back between scheduled visits if other problems should arise.


Arrow Termite and Pest Control can ensure that your business is safe from pests. Call us today to schedule your Free Commercial Pest Control Inspection!