As the temperature begins to change and it becomes colder outsides rodents start looking inward. Mice are looking for a safe environment during this time of the year and that may lead them into your home. For rodents, there are several benefits of moving indoors, but for you these creatures can spell out disaster. Having these unwanted guests in your home means being on high alert. Your food, furniture and family can be in danger because some rodents carry threatening bacteria and disease.


Mice are able to get into your home through extremely small openings. Mice can squeeze in through a hole the size of a pencil eraser. They are also strong swimmers. Some have been known to enter homes through sewer lines and climb vertically up drainpipes to enter homes.


During the winter rodents are attracted to your home because it is warm and they have easy access to food.


Most homeowners realize they have a rodent problem once they begin seeing droppings and evidence of nesting around the home. Marks on doors, furniture and food packaging can all point to a growing infestation. Mice love grains. Check cereal and rice for markings. This preference won’t stop them from eating other things. Mice will eat just about any type of food so check for crumbs in pantries and cabinets. Check for droppings in these areas as well but be careful with handling. Exposure to rodent droppings can lead to serious illnesses.


It is possible to prevent rodents from moving into your home this winter. Plug up any holes rodents can easily move into as a safety measure. A pest control professional can help you evaluate your home for any vulnerabilities and make a plan for you.