People are constantly traveling which brings in consistent business for hotels and lodging. Nothing can hurt a business’s reputation like a pest infestation, so follow these tips to spot an unwanted guest, take preventative measures, and eliminate the problem with professional pest control.

Identify Unwanted Guests

Bed bugs are a hotel’s worst nightmare. Bed bugs enter your hotel in luggage or on clothing, and they can spread quickly from room to room. Your facility should be regularly inspected to avoid a possible outbreak. Rodents and cockroaches are also common hotel pests, drawn to shelter from the elements and to sources of food. Termites can easily go unnoticed to guests, but you and your staff should keep a wary eye out for signs of wood damage. Without quick action, these pests can easily become a difficult and expensive problem to solve.

Ring For Housekeeping

What preventative measures can you take to protect your hotel from being overrun by pests? First and foremost, do a little housekeeping – make sure that your building is as clean as possible. While this is a good rule of thumb without the threat of a pest infestation, cleanliness is important to eliminate any possible food sources or conditions that may attract roaches, rodents, or other pests. Keep rooms and kitchen areas free of crumbs and waste, and keep sewage systems as fresh as possible. Regular inspections can help target termite or bed bug problems before they get out of hand, especially since it is harder to notice signs of infestation. Just a little extra maintenance can help keep your hotel a safe, clean, and inviting place to stay for your guests.

Prep Pests For Early Checkout

For the best pest prevention and extermination, we recommend professional treatment. Our trained Arrow professionals perform a full inspection and find the best way to target your pest infestation. Whether it is termites, rodents, or bed bugs, we will eliminate the pests and make sure that you are safe from future attacks with on-going monitoring following treatment.


Ensure that your hotels are pest free with Arrow Termite and Pest Control. To schedule your Free Commercial Pest Control Inspection, call us today!