If you’re having problems keeping your heating and cooling bills under control it might be time to replace your insulation. It’s common for insulation to deteriorate over time. Before you make the decision on what kind of new insulation to install in your home you should consider premium pest control insulation services. This form of insulation can protect your home from annoying pest and also save you money on energy bills.


Traditional Forms of Insulation

Most insulation is cellulose based. Typically they contain boric acid or crude borates, and these substances provide fungi resistance and act as a fire retardant. Borate substance can kill insects, but it depends on several factors such as concentration and the formula. Many cellulose insulation don’t contain enough boric acid to kill or deter pests. Many of those that do may not present it in a form that an insect would eat. It’s difficult to tell whether or not insulation will be successful in controlling insects. Only insulation products with an EPA label can be trusted to stop pests from getting into your home.


Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

Traditional fiberglass insulation doesn’t protect your home from pests and tends to deteriorate as time passes. The chemicals used in pest control insulation can protect you and your family for years! Pest Control insulation contains ingredients used in many professional and household products that are deadly to ants, silverfish and other insects. This can reduce the cost you spend on pest control treatments in your home and make life a whole lot easier for your family.


Reducing Bills

Pest Control insulation will not only protect your home from pests in the summer but also help you control temperatures. During the summer and winter many homeowners struggle to manage their energy bills because of extreme temperatures. Great insulation can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Heat transfer through the walls is reduced, making it easier to manage temperatures in your home. There are no leaks, drafts or gaps associated with our insulation. There is also no chance for cold or hot air to work its way into your home. Uniform temperatures can be maintained throughout your home, and this consistency can help reduce bills year round.