Bed bugs could be in your bed. This phrase can make even the most hardened homeowner shiver in fear, and for a good reason. First being that bed bugs can come from anywhere – stores, hotels, gyms, offices – mostly clinging on to you and following you home. Where you usually end your day (your bed) is where they typically start their reign of terror.

Okay, so bed bugs can come from anywhere and follow you home, but they aren’t like spiders or any other dangerous pest, right? We’ve got some bad news for you: First off, they carry diseases and, while it’s uncommon, they can sometimes transmit these to humans. This statement brings us to our next point: bed bugs can bite humans, and every person reacts differently to their bites. Let’s add one more interesting fact to make it a little harder for you to sleep tonight. While these bugs are resting comfortably in your bed, they’re laying eggs – roughly 200-500 within their lifetime. Now that you know more about bed bugs, your hatred for them has probably grown. However, rest assured, we’re going to help you out.

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with bed bugs is finding them, so let’s go over a few defining features:

About the size of an apple seed
Long and brown
Their back is more round than the front (balloon shaped)
Typically a mix of red and brown, color wise
A group of them produce a “musty” stench


Listed above is the adult bed bugs. When it comes to the younger bed bugs there are some differences:

Smaller (obviously)
Translucent or white/yellow
If unfed, they are barely visible


Let’s lower the age, focusing on bed bug eggs.

Very tiny
The size of a pin
White in color but not translucent
Have an “eye” spot on them as they grow


bed bugs

If you don’t feel it yet, these types of pests are not guests you want in your home or your bed. They can bite you; they reproduce like crazy and – in certain situations – are almost invisible to the naked eye. These pests are (mostly) not small enough to be unidentifiable and, while they do have wings, they can’t fly. As a pest control company that has been handling problems such as bed bugs and so much more, we know that one of the best ways to deal with pests, rodents, etc., is to prevent them from happening or getting out of control. To make sure your home doesn’t become a haven for bed bugs or ensure you don’t bring any home with you, learn how to identify them.

And, of course, you have us on your side. Get your free inspection today. We’ll get rid of any bed bugs in your home, making sure you never have to worry about seeing them again.