Bed Bugs Articles

Bed Bugs: The Unwanted Travel Souvenirs

As you return from your holiday travels this season, you might unintentionally bring back more than just memories and souvenirs. In Louisiana, like many places worldwide, bed bugs are a common and unwelcome travel souvenir. These tiny hitchhikers can turn your...

Why Bed Bugs so Hard to Get Rid Of

Bed bugs are notorious little monsters. We read about them, maybe see them on television shows – either way, they make our skin crawl. And that’s because they infest your bed: the most sacred and vulnerable items in a home. It’s a disaster when they infest a home, obviously; but why are they so difficult […]

Why You Should Hire Bed Bug Professionals

Where is the one place you go every day? The one place in your home where you can relax, slow down and rest for the day. Your bed, obviously. Your home is the most sacred, secure, and relaxing place you probably go to all day. This reason is why it’s so essential for us to […]

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs could be in your bed. This phrase can make even the most hardened homeowner shiver in fear, and for a good reason. First being that bed bugs can come from anywhere – stores, hotels, gyms, offices – mostly clinging on to you and following you home. Where you usually end your day (your bed) […]