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The Winter Intruders: Why Rats and Mice Seek Shelter in Homes

As the temperatures drop and the winds turn icy, it's not just humans who dread the onset of winter. Rats and mice, those tiny rodents that usually keep to the shadows, tend to become more of a nuisance during the colder months. While you might be reaching for a warm...

Fall Pests and Rodents and How to Prepare Your Home for the Season

As the leaves change and temperatures drop, autumn brings a beautiful transformation to the landscape. However, it also marks the time when pests and rodents seek shelter and warmth indoors. To protect your home and keep it pest-free during the fall season, it's...

Why do Rats and Mice Invade Homes During the Winter

Winter in Louisiana gives a much needed break from the high temperatures typically felt throughout the rest of the year. But did you know, winter is also the time of year when your home is the most vulnerable to a rat or mice infestation? Of course, no one wants to...

3 Signs You Have a Mice Infestation Problem

You’re sleeping in your home. You wake up and hear a noise. Sounds like tapping, but it’s not coming from your window or door. It’s coming from your walls. You check the other rooms. The house isn’t settling, and nobody has broken in… But what’s that noise? You wake up the next morning and go […]

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