What’s bugging Baton Rouge? We’ve compiled a list of the five biggest pest control problems in our city. If you’re dealing with any of the following pests, contact us today for a free initial consultation.



Rodent infestations are common in Baton Rouge, thanks to our warm, wet climate. Rodents, no matter the species, cause severe property damage. Each species utilize different nesting and feeding behaviors, making them very difficult to control. Rats typically make their way into your home in the winter months seeking out food, water, and warmth. These pests can host several serious diseases (some being life-threatening.)

Bed Bugs

Every day hundreds of people arrive in Baton Rouge, for business meetings, after traveling or to see the LSU Tigers play. Whether they realize it or not, many of these people are bringing in one of nature’s most invasive pests: bed bugs. These tiny creatures can be picked up almost anywhere. They’re small enough to hitch onto luggage, clothes or purses without you even knowing. Once they’ve made their way into your home, they’re nearly impossible to control because of their size and life cycle.


In Louisiana alone, there are about 60 different mosquito species dispersed throughout the state. Baton Rouge provides the perfect environment for breeding and supporting large populations. The female mosquito is attracted to light, body odor, lactic acid carbon dioxide, and heat. Once they land on your skin, the mosquito will insert their proboscis into the upper layer of the skin. Next, the mosquito will extract a small portion of blood from you into their abdomen. After the mosquito finishes, some saliva remains in the wound. Proteins in the saliva trigger a natural immune response, which causes the unpleasant itching sensation. Dealing with a mosquito infestation on your property makes it hard for most homeowners in Baton Rouge to enjoy their yard during the summer and spring months.


Most species of fleas depend on a blood meal to survive, so most of them make their way into the homes via pets. A recent poll ranked Louisiana as the No. 5 Most Dog-Loving State, so pet owners may find it hard to avoid having fleas in their home. Once they’re inside, fleas will feed on any available host. Adult fleas are easy to identify and eliminate, but if they’ve already laid eggs, homeowners will continue to have problems.


Termites are possibly the biggest threat to homeowners in Baton Rouge. These pests can be found underground or deep within the walls of your home. Most homeowners don’t notice the termites in their home until it’s too late. Termites consume the wood and cellulose structures within the home. A large colony can quickly create thousands of dollars in damage in just a few days.


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