Winter months bring with them certain pests. One of these pests is the Bat mammal. Bats are the only mammals able to truly fly. Bats mainly eat insects, with some consuming fruit, nectar, small animals such as fish and lizards, and then the famous blood-sucking vampire bats located in South America. The mammal can be located anywhere in the world except for polar regions and extreme deserts. While some bats make their homes in caves and trees, others find openings in human residences and officially become a pest and a health hazard as well.
Exclusion work is usually the best answer for keeping bats out and away from your home. Observing the home at dusk to see where the mammals enter and leave the house will inform you where the exclusion work needs to take place at. Having a professional handle the exclusion work is the best bet for making sure the pests remain outside your home.


Arrow’s Wildlife Services include:
• Trapping and Removal – Arrow will trap the nuisance animal and remove it from the property and release the animal in a safe natural habitat if applicable.
• Wildlife Exclusion – Arrow will inspect and seal holes around the home where wildlife could be entering, hiding, or nesting. This offers long term protection and is also very eco-friendly!
• Sanitation and Deodorizing – Arrow inspects for that nasty “evidence” wildlife can leave behind that could cause an air quality threat, airborne diseases, bad odor, etc. Based upon the inspection, Arrow can sanitize and deodorize the area to make it an acceptable living environment again for you and your family!
• Clean-up – Wildlife can damage insulation, storage boxes, and much more in attic spaces and Arrow will physically remove the loose materials that are believed to contribute to a disease, air quality threat, or bad odor.

If you have noticed bat activity/bat feces in your attic and home, give Arrow a call at 1-800-569-2936 today. Mention our Wildlife Coupon to get 10% off new services today! Let Arrow handle your problem professionally and efficiently!