Most of us are not alarmed by a stray cat or dog wandering in our yard from time to time. We may even enjoy the sight of the adorable puppy from across the street. When that puppy turns into a mole, raccoon, or armadillo though, that’s a problem.

What happens when you get a wild animal in your yard? You can either panic, move, or do something about it. Here are some tips if you choose option three.

Call Professional Exterminators

A lot of homeowners will try to handle wildlife on their own because they think they can create a simple trap for the animal. Even the most innocent looking wild animals can carry serious – even deadly – diseases, and they can attract with ferocity at a moment’s notice. Do you really want to put yourself in harm’s way?

A professional exterminator can set up proper traps to secure the animal without you ever having to go near it. He can also assess entry and nesting points to ensure other animals don’t come into your yard in the future. An exterminator can clean up the mess left by the wild animal and spray deterrents to warn other animals to stay away. All of this will keep your home protected from uncontrollable wildlife.

Keep Your Yard Protected

In addition to working with professional exterminators, you may want to consider putting up stronger fencing around your yard’s perimeter. You may also clean up the shrubbery and trees in case they are hiding wildlife you are unaware of. If there are holes in the side of your home, cover those up to avoid getting animals underneath your foundation. All of this will make your home undesirable to a larger-than-life pest.

Watch for Problems in the Future

If you notice any signs of wild animals in the future, do not be afraid to call in the professionals again. They can go back through your yard and see if you do in fact have a problem. If so, they will trap and remove whatever animal you’ve encountered. Wild animals can cause serious damage to your property, no matter how pretty they may be from a distance. Find a way to get rid of them as soon as you notice a problem developing.