Where is the one place you go every day? The one place in your home where you can relax, slow down and rest for the day. Your bed, obviously. Your home is the most sacred, secure, and relaxing place you probably go to all day. This reason is why it’s so essential for us to do what we do. Pests, rodents, bugs – anything, it comes into your home, and now the one place you thought was “safe” is not. Pests infesting your home is bad – manageable, but bad. However, pests infesting your bed, where you sleep at night, that’s where most people will draw the line. Bed bugs. Yeah, we said it – bed bugs. They find their way into your home and just happen to love living on clothes, sheets, fabric. This is because their food is your blood so the closer to you, the better. Bed bugs are not as easy to handle as rodents, spiders, roaches, etc. Bed bugs are nasty little things that can be especially difficult to eliminate.

DIY methods and tricks will not work for these things – you’re going to need a professional.

Why? First off, they’re experts at hiding and spread like crazy. They can come into your home by something you picked up outside. From your clothes, they’ll jump to your bed, then your pets, sheets, towels. You may be able to eliminate bed bugs noticeably from specific areas, but if they get under your carpet or in your walls, you do not have the tools to handle them. Along with this, most over-the-counter pesticides and remedies don’t work against them. If you do happen to find a solution that works, then what? You’re going to have to put those chemicals or traps where the bugs are, which is in your bed or on your clothes. We don’t know about you, but a best full of pesticides isn’t going to promise a good nights sleep.

With most other things we work with, we can give out advice and tips to help you combat these pesky invaders. However, you cannot safely and correctly deal with these bugs, so don’t wast your money or your time. If you think you have a bed bug problem, call us NOW! If you’re unsure, we offer free inspections, so let us come and figure out what’s going on.

Either way, contact us today and let us help you take back your home and your bed.