At Arrow, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive pest control inspections. We believe that it is the first – and best – step that someone can take in regaining control of their home from pests, rodents, mold, etc. We believe in it so much that we do it for free!

On almost every piece of collateral, email, and even at the end of our blogs you’ll notice we say something along the lines of, “get your free inspection today!” The reason we push this so much is that, for one, it’s free and also because it’s so beneficial.

When you see droppings or a roach, maybe you spot some mold – chances are, no matter what it is, there isn’t just one of them/it. In our line of work, the longer you wait, the worse it gets. To remedy this, we’re continually offering our inspections – FOR FREE – as much as we can. Regardless of whether you decide to claim that free inspection, we feel that it’s important to let you know what’s involved in that. We would like to explain a little bit of our process when it comes to home inspections.

Inspecting the Outside

In most cases of pest and rodent infestation, the main reason they enter your home is to either find warmth, security, or food. The key to keeping these unwanted guests out is to make sure there are no openings for them to get into your home.

One of our experts will come to your home and check the outside for rotting, holes, nests, entryways, etc. In addition to this detailed inspection, we will also be looking for wood damage, leakage, dry rot, and decay.

Checking the Inside

After we’re done inspecting the outside of the home, we will start checking the inside. What we are looking for here is droppings, chew marks, tunneling, mold and/or fungus. We are looking for anything that may be “off” or that possibly indicates an unwanted pest has entered your home.

If you have a basement, we will start there. If you live in Louisiana and have a raised home, we will climb under it. Our goal is to ensure the nothing is wrong or eating at the wood involved in the foundation of the home. Another problem is the area surrounding your pipes and sinks. If there’s a leak, it could become a hot spot for all different type of pests and mold.



Reporting to You

We know the best way to help you is to make sure you are fully informed. To help you understand we provide a very detailed report of our inspections. This report will let you know what we did, what we think is wrong, what we can do to help and recommendations on next steps with or without our help.

Following Up

Pest inspections are tricky. We could produce hundreds of blogs on the intricacies of everything we check for and inspect. Here at Arrow, we look for everything that could go wrong because we consider ourselves experts on fixing everything that could go wrong. With pests, mold, rodents, the longer you leave them alone, the worse the entire situation can get.

Our goal is to help solve your problems, but we know this is done through expert practices and a relationship of trust. So, after we give our report to you, we’ll check in now and then to make sure you and your home are doing okay – even if you aren’t a customer. Our inspections are free, so you have nothing to lose. If you think your home has an unwanted pest or rodent; has mold spreading in the walls or bathroom; or if you just want peace of mind, call today and let us help you with all your pest control needs. Oh, and don’t forget to claim your free inspection TODAY!