Our planet is home to some very interesting creatures, some may just be scaring looking and some are just plain terrifying based on their behavior alone.  To help celebrate Halloween this year, we decided to share our list of the scariest (or scariest looking) pests from around the world.


Africanized Honey Bee

The Africanized honey bee may look like your average honey bee, but you might as well consider them angry bees on steroids.  Found in South and Central America (and the American southwest), these super bees are known to be extremely aggressive.  Where most bees would give you a wide berth, leaving you alone until they identify you as  threat to the hive, Africanized honey bees will attack on sight, for no reason at all.


Coconut Crab

The coconut crab has gotten quite a bit of attention over the years thanks to the internet, and of course it’s massive size.  These massive crabs can grow to be up to 3 feet wide and are the largest land crabs known to exist.  If you look closely, you can almost picture them invading from outer space.


Deep Sea Hatchetfish

The deep sea hatchetfish, also known as the fish of the damned, looks like something straight out of an old school horror film.  While they only grow to be a few inches in size, they carry with them a terrifying, almost comical Halloween mask style face that would haunt your dreams nightly if you decided to fill your fish tank with them.



Spiders.  We all hate spiders.  What’s scarier than a spider?  How about a spider with actual arms… with claws on them.  The Amblypygi is terrifying to look at, pure and simple.  While it’s technically not a spider (it’s actually a scorpion), it’s resemblance to our arachnid friends is uncanny.


Aye Aye Lemur

If you were to go through your collection of old horror movies, there’s a good chance you’ll come across something that resembles these evil looking animals.  This breed of lemur seems to be the stuff that horror stories are made out of.

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