If you are building a new home or adding to your existing one, you need to keep termites in mind. They can tear apart your home in a matter of weeks, and they can cost you thousands of dollars along the way. Assuming you don’t want to deal with those problems, you need to use the right building materials and pre-treatment options to ensure the long term safety of your home. The suggestions below highlight some of the steps you can take to prevent termites from consuming your construction project.

Treating the Ground

Before construction begins, you should have your soil sprayed with termiticides to kill off and block termites from the foundation. This occurs before the slab is poured, and it you protection you will never be able to get again. Once you have poured the slab, you can run another layer of termiticides over it, or you could use stainless steel mesh to keep the ground protected. The specific option you choose will be based on the kind of construction techniques you are using.

Treating the Walls

Once you start to put the walls up for your home, you will need to have a new round of treatment to keep it protected. It helps if you purchase pre-treated wood, but having an extra layer of security isn’t going to hurt anyone. It will make the shield last even longer. You can use physical barriers as well, preferably after treatment. These will lock the chemicals into place.

Treating the Home

Once you have finished construction, you should consider one more round of treatment to cover the surfaces in the home. Keep up with your treatments on a regular basis, and contact a pest control specialize at the first sign of damage. Keep your yards, driveway, and house as clean as possible to minimize infestations, and watch for issues that may come up in the future. This will ensure a termite-free home every time.

With the help of chemicals and physical barriers, you can keep your new construction free of termites completely. If you are building onto an existing home, make sure that you clear up any termite issues on the main structure before you start the addition. Then you won’t have to worry about termites invading your new space, and you will have a fantastic new structure to call your own.