Here at Arrow, one of the services we offer is the Sentricon Termite System. Through our experience, it’s one of the best ways to eliminate and prevent termites for good. The system utilizes technology, behavior, and baiting to eliminate termite colonies at the source. The truth is unless you live in Alaska, your home isn’t safe from termites. They are one of the most destructive insects out there, causing billions of dollars in damage yearly in the United States alone. These insects can get into your home and become difficult to remove, costing you time and money if not dealt with quickly and correctly. Because of this, we proudly stand behind the always-active Sentricon Termite System as a proven method for eliminating termites.

How Does the Sentricon Termite System Work?

Termites are natural foragers, working 24/7 to find food. The problem is that their food is wood from your porch, attic, foundation, walls -they don’t care where it comes from. The Sentricon Termite System leverages this fact, creating baiting stations placed around an area to attract termites. Once they find the bait, they bring it back to their nests and share it, leading to the elimination of the entire colony – especially the queen.

Why is This System Better?

The bait used in this system is Recruit HD bait, which is always active and available to termites. On top of this, the bait is ten times more attractive to termites than wood, so it’s guaranteed to work. It’s so great that the termites will gladly share it with their colony. However, they don’t know the main ingredient in the Sentricon Termite System, once ingested, prevents immature termites from molting (maturing) into the next stage.

Why it Works

Termite colonies have a large number of immature termites within them. If you prevent them from molting into the next stage, you necessarily stop them from reproducing. A result of this is a loss in colony numbers, which is a loss in food gathered. There’s a reason they search for food 24/7, and that is because they desperately need it to feed themselves and their queen. Without food, there are no workers, and without workers, there is no queen. No queen means no colony.

Unless you are a professional, you don’t have the tools necessary to eliminate or prevent termites from causing chaos in your home. We use the Sentricon Termite System for our customers because it works and it works well. If you have or think you may have a termite problem, contact us today and let us know. We offer free inspections, so your wallet and home will thank you later.