Along with the House Mouse and the Roof Rat, the Norway Rat is common in households during the colder months. Norway Rats are large in size, with shaggy brown or grey fur. Their tail is not as long as their body, unlike the Roof Rat.

norway rat

Their droppings are shaped like capsules. Contradictory to the Roof Rat, the Norway Rat burrows underground for a home. The rodent will then enter a home or residence to find food and water. The tell-tale signs of a Norway Rat infestation are common to the signs of the House Mouse and the Roof Rat. Grease marks along a well-traveled path, gnaw marks on food or wiring, and droppings all indicate some sort of rodent activity. Norway Rats are nocturnal and usually only come out of their home/nest at nighttime. If you see a Norway Rat during the day, the size of the infestation is probably very large.

Sanitation plays a large part in making sure the Norway Rat does not make your house their home. Keep pet food and trash always picked up and sealed. Make sure doors and windows are properly sealed. If you have a Norway Rat infestation, give Arrow a call (1-800-569-2936) to professionally eradicate the situation today!