After you have eliminated a termite infestation from your home, you need to go about repairing the damage they caused. This damage could severely impact the structural integrity of the house, and thus it is best to address it as soon as possible. This guide explains how to repair termite damage so you can rest assured knowing your home is protected. The repairs may be easier than you think.

Wood Hardeners

If the damage from the termites is minimal, you may be able to use wood hardeners to fill in the gaps and strengthen the wood. You will need to select a wood hardener that matches the type of wood you have and the level of damage in the wood. In addition to this, you may want to use wood sealants to cut off the oxygen supply for any remaining termites. This will kill whatever is left of the colony and ensure you will not have problems any time soon.

Wood Fillers

If the damage is extensive enough that you can see channels in the wood, you will need to fill those with wood filler. This is similar to wood putty, and it completes the gaps left by the termites. You will need to pull the wood out until it creates a smooth surface and then you can use the wood filler to take over. Sand it down upon completion to ensure it is locked in place.

Note that you will need to monitor your wood during wet months as the moisture can cause new cracks where you used the wood filler. Ideally, you need to keep the wood as dry as possible. If you start to see a lot of issues as the seasons change, you may need to look for other treatment options.

Wood Replacement

Eventually the damage gets so bad that you have to replace the wood entirely. You may be able to cut out a small chunk to replace on your own, or you may need contractors to replace a large section for you. Most homeowners are capable of repairing furniture on their own, but they are not able to work on the walls and floors. This is especially true if the termites got into a load bearing wall. Before you get too deep in repair work, you may want to hire a contractor to inspect and recommend repairs for your home.