Ah, there’s nothing like venturing outside after a long April shower!

Before you head out to splash around, there are some post-rain pest control prevention tips you should get familiar with. Heavy rain creates the perfect atmosphere for breeding and growth for some insects.

Start with these techniques so pests don’t take over your yard after rainfall.

Remove All Standing Water

Ever wonder why there are more mosquitos buzzing about after a rain shower? It’s simple: their breeding cycle is directly influenced by rainfall.

Mosquitos eggs need water to hatch. The Floodwater species of mosquitos lay their eggs in moist soil, which is everywhere right after a rainfall. However, they don’t hatch right away. The eggs need some time to dry out before the new mosquitos are born. After a few days of rain, the soil dries up, and young mosquitos are free to fly about to begin the breeding cycle again. Eggs can survive in dry soil, without moisture for months. Once a few drops of water works its way into the soil the egg provides a cue to hatch.

Non-floodwater mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. This group needs moisture and their eggs cannot withstand dry environments. Female mosquitos lay their eggs on the surfaces of water. If left undisturbed, the egg will hatch a larva in about 24 hours, change into a pupa, and emerge as an adult. Once the new female adult finds a mate, she’ll seek out a standing water source to begin the process again.

Mosquito breeding cycles reveal why it’s so important to address standing water and sources of moisture on your property. Preventing mosquitoes on your property is as simple as removing items that collect water and preventing moisture build up.


Check for Leaks

Rain commonly reveals any holes or leaks you may have in your home. After a rainfall, double check your home for any leaks or wet spots. These areas can be a gateway for insects looking to enter your home. Water also attracts termites and mosquitoes! If you identify a leak, patch it up immediately. Contact a professional to ensure the gap won’t occur again.


Contact a Pest Control Professional

Our team at Arrow Termite & Pest Control is equipped with the knowledge and arsenal necessary to stop a full-blown mosquito infestation. If you’ve noticed a significant increase in mosquitoes after rain the problem could be beyond your capabilities. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!