House For SaleIf you think home renovations are the only things keeping your property value up, guess again. Going through regular pest control maintenance can improve your home’s resale value over time. Not only does it make your life more comfortable while you are in the home, but it also makes the house safer for the next family to move in. Everybody wins.

Let’s take a look at what pest control service can do for your home’s resale value.

Less Damage

Pests have the potential to cause a lot of damage to a home. Termites, in particular, can weaken a home’s structural integrity, which will ultimately hurt its value. Mice can chew through walls and wires, which will lead to extensive repairs if left untreated. All of this can hurt you in one of two ways:

  • You have to make repairs, which eats away at your personal funds
  • You sell the home as is and take a big loss by passing the repairs to the future buyer

In either case, you’re going to lose because you were not adamant with your pest control.

Less Concern

If future buyers go through a pest inspection, they will uncover issues that you have not been taking care of. A failed pest inspection can easily scare away good buyers, which will only leave you with investors who want to renovate your home for quick cash. They will offer you the lowest price possible because they know you’re desperate to sell. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Keep up with your pest control, and you’ll pass inspection every time.

Better Marketing

Consistent pest control on a home is sort of like regular maintenance on a car. The property can function without it, but it may not be functioning at its prime. If you have kept up with your pest control, you can use that as a selling feature when you go to advertise the home. Tell people about the repairs you have done and how often you have sprayed the home so they feel secure in making a purchase.

Quicker Sale

If you can sell your home quickly, chances are you’ll get an offer close to your asking price. The people who sit on their homes for months on end often do so because the incoming offers are far lower than what they’re willing to accept. Consistent pest control will make your home all the more desirable for buyers in the area.

Schedule your regular pest control today and see longstanding results in the future.