If you are considering building your home, or you are a contractor that is building homes, then this is something to consider. This is a great way to get rid of pests for a long time, without any visible signs of pest control. We are talking about the in-wall pest tubes that you can get installed when building a home.

This is a relatively new pest control method, and it is important to get all the necessary information before you start building your home.

Pest Tubes System for Homebuilders & Contractors

Understanding wall pest tubes systems

You might be wondering what the pest tubing system is, or you even might not have heard about it. This is a new method, and not many people know about this as yet.

The pest tube system is getting installed during the construction process. Just after the electrical wires are installed. The tubes are getting filled with chemicals that are blown into the home and walls by a licensed technician. Making sure that you always have control over pests in your home.

Benefits of having these pest tubes installed during construction

There are many benefits of having pest tubes installed in your home during construction. Benefits that you might not be able to enjoy, once your house is done with construction. Before you finish your construction, you might want to get to know more about these benefits.

  • The chemicals are getting injected into the wall. It will not get into contact with your children and pets.
  • Maintenance costs to keep the chemicals injected on a regular basis is cheaper than other pest control methods.
  • No harmful chemical odors will be in your home, giving you and your family health risks.
  • Arrow Termite and Pest Control can service your home when you’re not home!

Things to know before getting your wall pest tube system installed

The most important thing that you need to know about the in-wall pest tubes is that it can only be installed during construction. So, this is something that you can consider if you are in the process of constructing your home, or if you are a constructor that is building homes and offices. Get your pest tubes installation scheduled today.

Pest tubing systems is still new, but this is one of the most effective ways of pest control. If you are building your home, this is for sure something to consider. This will ensure that you never have a problem with pests in your home again. No more chemical smells, or pest running around and living in the walls of your home or office.