Ready to get rid of your backyard’s least welcomed visitor? Gnats are some of the tiniest bugs around. However, they have the power to force even the liveliest outdoor occasion inside and can prove to be a major pest control problem. They typically swarm around food, trash or fruit and always have a large group of friends in tow. If you’re planning a barbecue or some poolside fun this summer, we’ve got a few helpful tips on how to keep gnats from crashing your party.


So, What Are Gnats?

The term “gnat” describes a broad range of small, flying, non-biting insects. This includes fruit flies, black gnats, buffalo gnats, black gnats, sand flies and several other species. Most gnats don’t live long enough to enjoy a healthy feeding cycle. In most cases, their life cycle lasts about four to five weeks; the exact figure is dependent on the species. They typically last just long enough to mate and lay eggs, continuing the reproductive cycle.


Why Do Gnat Populations Grow Over Time?

Those large swaths of gnats you see outside are males assembling in a mating swarm. They usually gather at dusk. Females of most gnat species typically feed on blood. Their eggs are laid on land or water. After hatching, larvae are immobile, using rocks and water plants to get travel. Once they’ve grown into adults gnats, they range in size, depending on the species, but are usually no larger than 33 mm.


How Do You Keep Them Away?

Keep your home clean!  Regularly clean areas inside and around your home will greatly reduce the likelihood of attracting gnats. Dispose of all food, especially fruit, that’s been sitting out for an extended time. Make sure you clean up any food or drink spillage too and keep trash in a sealed garbage can.


Address moisture throughout your home. Areas, where moisture collects in your home, attract gnats and provides them with the perfect breeding ground to reproduce. Take a walk around your property, or inside your home, and clean up any areas where water may be collecting. Rain gutters, pet bowls, bird baths or ditches are all common sites of gnat reproduction. Contact a professional to address any area that may need a serious fix to prevent gnats from coming back.


Lure, Trap and Remove. The gnats currently living on your property don’t stand a chance. It’s easy to capture and kill gnats with a few simple, safe home remedies. Mix red wine and dish soap in a shallow bowl. Sit the bowl out in an area where you regularly see gnat activity. The sweetness of the red wine will attract gnats looking for a meal, but the dish soap acts as a trap, eventually drowning them.


Home remedies never complete the job. For a full, intensive solution for your gnat problem contact Arrow Termite & Pest Control today. Our experts will assist you, and offer the best treatment based on your needs. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.