To protect your child from bugs in the backyard, you need to be leery of your playset. This can be a breeding ground for a variety of insects. It provides a safe, secure environment for insects to mate and seek shelter in the summer. This could ultimately result in a spider bite for your child or another injury that you might be able to avoid. The tips below will show you how to keep bugs away from your backyard playset.

Create a Concrete Base

Putting your playset on a concrete platform will dramatically reduce the amount of insects that make it to your children. You can have the concrete treated to send the bugs away, but the concrete itself will not be a natural environment for most insects. The only thing you have to worry about is how safe the concrete will be for your children. If you do not think it is a good fit, you may be better off with gravel or some other substrate.

Put Up a Netted Canopy

If you have the space and time to put a canopy above your playset, you could cover it with mosquito netting to keep mosquitoes away. This may not protect against all insects, but it will provide a barrier for the flying ones. Bees and wasps usually cannot get through the fine netting, unless you leave the opening spread for too long. Drape your canopy with mosquito netting, and you can let your kids play in peace.

Use Outdoor Candles

Some outdoor candles are great for home pest control. Others are no better than the ones you use inside your home. If you can find the right candles to use, you can burn them while the children are outside playing. Just make sure that the children do not have easy access to them. That could turn dangerous.

Move the Playset around

Try to move your playset around on a regular basis. The longer it sits in one spot, the easier it will be for insects to build nests and homes below it. If the playset is too heavy to move around, make sure you keep the lawn around it trimmed, weeded, and properly maintained. The goal here is to force the bugs to look for someplace else to reside.

If you start preparing early on, you can enjoy a wonderful summer with your children playing in the backyard. Call in pest control services to keep the yard safe, and you won’t have to worry about insects on your children.