You see a roach in your home. What is the first thing you do? Kill it. You notice mouse run across the room when you get home. What is the first thing you do? Buy mouse traps. A line of ants coming from your door? You will more than likely spray the base with some ant repellant. The bad news is that roach you saw, it has a nest under your sink. That mouse you caught with the trap, there are at least four more in a den in the wall of your living room. Those ants? They will go away for a bit, then probably come back or find another way in. Is DIY methods the best solution?

DIY, pest control

It’s not a typical reaction to spot an insect, pest or rodent in the home and immediately turn to the experts to solve the problem. For one, it’s not in our nature, especially here in the South. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, right? Well, what if doing it right means not doing it yourself?

The level in which you ask if do-it-yourself pest control is worth it depends on how you define “worth it.” Will you save money? Probably not – especially not if you have an infestation. Will it fix the problem? Only temporarily. DIY pest control methods fix a problem the same way ice fixes a broken bone; it feels okay for a moment, but your bone is still broken.

As Southerners, it’s just in our nature to roll up our sleeves and try to fix it ourselves. The problem with that is that issues involving rodents and pests typically get worse over time. Not taking the proper steps to deal with the problem can, eventually, lead to you spending more money and time. Why? Well, most of the time when you see a roach or mouse, there’s more than one of them, hidden in a place you won’t find or won’t be able to get to.

Now don’t call us every time you see a spider or mosquito in your home – that’s not what we are trying to say. However, don’t let pride or money get in the way of correctly handling the situation. We offer free inspections, so we can let you know if there’s a problem and, if there’s not, that’s great! You don’t have anything to lose.

Do-it-yourself pest control methods are a temporary fix for a long-term problem. The best DIY method is to be aware and cognizant of your home. Trying to figure it out on your own wastes time and money. Call us if you notice a problem, and we will save you both!