Contrary to their name and popular folklore, earwigs do not crawl into your ear and prey on your brain. Earwigs are tiny little brown or black insects that are easily recognizable by pinchers at the ends of their bodies. Earwigs can produce a strong bite, but are otherwise quite harmless. The key to preventing an earwig infestation is to stop their migration from outdoors to indoors. While they rarely colonize indoors, if one finds an opening into your home, so will others. Here are some ways to prevent earwigs from getting into your home.

1. Foundation

Earwigs are attracted to moist areas, and the foundation of your home is one of them. Their populations build up around the foundation, so be sure to clean and groom the areas around the sides of your home. If you notice excessive moisture then you should lay down white rocks or gravel to help drainage around the foundation.

2. Garden/Yard

Everyone likes their plants but overwatering them could create a haven for earwigs. If you notice earwigs in your yard or garden, consider planting deterrent herbs around your home area. Mint, basil, lemon and thyme repel earwigs and other insects from coming near the foundation and doorways. An added bonus – you’ll have some fresh herbs for cooking!

3. Loose Doorways

Earwigs can easily enter your home through loose or drafty doors. Doors and door frames are the most popular entryways for pests, so be sure to properly examine and seal all access points including any cracks and holes. Earwigs are nocturnal insects and are extremely attracted to light. Reducing some of the lighting outside could reduce the population around your home, especially around front and back porches.

4. Inside the House

If earwigs have made it inside your home, don’t fret. Spread boric acid, a powdery natural insecticide, near baseboards, cracks and hard to reach places. Forcing the earwigs to travel through the powder will surely kill them. Also, if you notice a few earwigs concentrated in a certain area of your home, vacuum them up. The suction may not kill them so dispose of the bag immediately after use.

It’s easy to control and prevent an earwig infestation yourself. Knowing their habits and having the right tools are essential to keeping them out of your home. Contact your location pest control company to find out more information on keeping earwigs out of your home.