Spring is right around the corner! Most of us are excited to come out after a cold winter to enjoy some sun, including those annoying pests. Including a little pest control in your spring-cleaning may seem annoying and unnecessary, but tackling this daunting task can help you avoid coming face to face with unwanted critters in and around your home as the new season approaches. These few tips will help you turn away any and all critters that come knocking at your doorstep this spring.

Remove Standing Water or Any Sources of Leaks

Just like us humans, bugs love hanging out in and around water. This means that any source of water near your home will act as a magnet for unwanted pests. Cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes can all make their way into your home if you neglect to clean up any water lying around your home. To prevent attracting these bugs repair and check for any leaks, and also clear your gutters so water doesn’t accumulate.

Store Away All Food

Keeping your pets fed is important, but how you choose to handle your animal’s food can determine whether or not you’re treating some unwanted guests to dinner. Even if you change your pet’s food and water bowl every day to prevent attracting rodents and insects, these pests are still lurking around. Uncontained pet food also acts as a source of food for these creatures, and encourages them to stay around. Store all of your pet’s food and treats in airtight containers to make sure pests don’t start calling your house a home.

Check Seals on All Doors and Windows

Few cracks are too small for an insect to squeeze their way through. Many pests easily make their way into your home through tiny spaces and cracks that you may overlook. Before spring arrives check those small gaps under window frames, around plumbing pipes and near doorways. Seal any large holes or spaces with caulk to prevent rodents, spiders and other insects from coming into your home. These prevention methods will help you keep your home bug and rodent free as spring sets in.

Reduce Clutter

A good spring cleaning will help you start the season fresh and also keep your home free of unwanted guests! Doing a thorough cleaning both inside and outside your home can keep pests at bay. Spiders, silverfish and other insects nest in cluttered areas in your home, like attics and garages. Cardboard boxes and containers make a comfortable hiding place for these tiny bugs. Doing some cleaning in your garage, attic and other storage areas in your home can make these areas less susceptible to visitors. Those plants around your home also attract unwanted pests! Rodents and tiny insects are attracted to flowers, shrubbery, leaves and moisture in mulch. Keeping plants at least three feet away from your home can prevent any of these pests from making their way inside.

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