Most southern pet owners share one common problem that can often feel like an endless battle.  We’re talking of course, about fleas.  Controlling fleas on your pets, in your home and in your yard can be an incredibly time consuming process and even when you’ve treated your pets with flea medicine, it can feel like they always find a way to come back.

Clean Up & Mow Your Yard

The first step in ridding your yard is to clean up the areas around your home, removing debris and items that may be scattered around.  Start by removing any and all debris from your yard to ensure that any treatment covers the entire yard and that you’ve eliminated any place for fleas to hide.  Once the yard is free from debris, continue by cutting your grass as short as possible, this will vary depending on the type of grass you have.  Cutting your grass will expose the fleas and their eggs to sun, which will dry them out.

Flood Your Yard with Water

One of the options available to help you rid your yard of fleas is to flood your yard.  Flea larvae and eggs cannot survive in a flooded lawn, so by over-saturating your yard, you can help reduce flea reproduction dramatically.  When hosing down your yard, make sure to spend a bit of extra time in areas where you know your pets spend time or where you’ve noticed fleas.  Fleas breed and thrive in moist environments, but excessive water drowns and kills them.

Keep Your Lawn Dry

Fleas thrive in moist areas.  If your yard has irrigation problems and there are areas where water tends to accumulate and remain long after the rest of the yard has dried, you may need to make some adjustments to prevent these areas from remaining wet.  When watering your lawn, make sure not to over water, as over watering will create an ideal environment for fleas to thrive.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

The one sure fire way to ensure that you rid your home and yard from fleas is to hire a professional pest control company.  While there are commercial products available to consumers to treat your yard for fleas, professionals have access to products and techniques that can make the process faster and last longer.

Pest control companies that specialize in flea extermination will be able to professionally inspect and identify the source of the flea problem and can develop a customized treatment plan to make sure your home is free of fleas.