It highly unlikely that you’ll ever run into a mole out in the open, but their large mounds are absolutely unmistakable.  If you’ve ever had a mole invade your yard or garden, you’ve no doubt encountered one of their mounds and the ruts they leave around and know that they can completely destroy your landscaping.  They creates large mounds, but the real damage they inflict is done beneath the surface, as they tunnel around your yard, killing grass and vegetation as they go along.

To keep moles from destroying your yard, there are several courses of action that can be taken, some are more humane than others, but the choice you make depends on the severity of your problem.

Trapping Moles

The most effective means of getting rid of moles in your yard is trapping.  Traps for moles can be purchased online and at some specialty stores, and there are a variety of types that can be used.  Traps are generally placed in the holes of active mole tunnels, and capture the moles as they attempt to surface.  Once the mole has been trapped, they can be transported off site and released from the traps, but this does not necessarily mean your problems are over.  These traps often need to be set multiple times to make sure no additional moles are present and that the tunnels are dormant.

Gassing Moles

An effective, but less humane and safe option for the average homeowner is to gas mole tunnels.  Since gassing requires the use of poisonous gasses, it’s not likely to be the method of choice for homeowners who have children or pets.  Gassing a mole tunnel may require repeat treatments to effectively eliminate moles.

Baiting Moles

Moles, like other rodents, can be tricked and baited.  While trapping may not necessarily require the use of baits, it may aid in the process.  Alternatively, you can utilize poisonous baits to eliminate moles.  As with any other poisonous baits, it’s recommended that they not be used if you have small children or pets in the area who could mistakenly ingest the poison.

Ultimately, the most effective and safe method of getting rid of moles is to hire a professional pest control company that specializes in mole removal.  A professional company will be able to utilize trapping and baiting methods that may not be available to the general consumer, and have the expertise needed to safely get rid of moles from your yard.