Mice and rats are a major problem for homeowners and for those of us that have experienced a mouse problem in the past, it can seem like a never ending battle to get rid of them without professional help.

Mice and rats, despite their size, are able to enter your home through cracks and holes found in walls, floor and foundations around your home.  Most of the time, the holes they’re entering your home through can go completely unnoticed as you’d assume the hole is too small for anything to get through.  In reality, mice can squeeze themselves through holes as small as ¼ inch, and if they can’t fit through, they will gnaw their way through until the hole is large enough to squeeze through.

Mice Prefer a Warm Climate

During winter months, mice are actively looking for two things:  a warm place to sleep and a source of food.  Both of these things are available to them should they be able to sneak into your home.  As cold weather starts approaching, mice start moving indoors and will turn to the nearest accessible building, which can often times mean your home.

If your home has cracks, holes or other potential openings, it can be a safe assumption to make that mice will take advantage and find a way into your home during the winter unless these cracks and holes are sealed up.

Mice Are Looking for Food

This is less of a how and more of a why.  Mice are hungry, and they enter your home for two reasons: shelter and food.  If you’re leaving food in trash bags that can be easily accessed or aren’t storing your food in sealed containers, you’re giving mice a reason to find a way into your home.  If mice find food remnants lying around in your yard or garage, they’re going to stick around in search of more easily acquired meals.

Mice Can Enter Through the Tiniest Holes

Mice are pretty well known for creeping people out and scurrying across your floors, coming out of nowhere.  What they’re even better known for is being able to get into your home through just about any opening.  Mice can enter your home through the smallest holes and cracks, as small as ¼ inch!  These holes can be found around windows in doors, your garage door, or even holes and cracks in your foundation.

The key to keeping mice out of your home is to remove any reason for them to come around.  Start by sealing off entrances, even the smallest holes, and continue by removing any food and shelter options from around your property, including stacked wood, piles of leaves and easily accessed containers.

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