Houses make noises. Older houses “settle” and can make some very noticeable sounds that we’re not used to. Most of the time, you need not fear. The noises homes make – especially during intense periods of heat and cold – come and go and are just part of the process of, well, time. However, there are some noises your home shouldn’t make. The short crack or pop of wood expanding or contracting: normal. The sound of something running through your walls: not normal. Along with these noises, you may notice some weird things going on in your home, particularly your attic. Notice any small droppings?

It could be a mouse or rat. Is the insulation chewed up? Squirrels or raccoons may be the culprit. One of the best things you can do is be aware, noticing anything odd about the events and noises going on in your home. All of that being said, it’s not uncommon for most people to sink a lot of money into identifying and dealing with any rodent problem they may have.

Wasting both time and money, you will eventually determine what has made its way into your home. But then what?

DIY options can fix the problem… temporarily. At that point, you’re just throwing money at traps, hoping to catch something and getting more and more frustrated by the day. Even though they’re living in your home, rodents don’t like you. They will do whatever it takes to stay out of your sight. We know that most people’s response to a rodent problem is to handle it themselves, especially down here in the south. However, if you’re not a professional, you just don’t have the tools to correctly identify or eliminate any infestation or problem you may have. Okay, you set out a trap for that rat, caught it, and haven’t seen one since. That’s great. But guess what? That rat got into your home from outside, and that means other rats can too. Or raccoons. Or bats. Or, well, you get it.

The best method for dealing with a rodent problem doesn’t involve traps or glue or bait. It involves a phone. You pick it up and call us. We offer free inspections, AND we’ll give you $20 off your rodent control service. Don’t waste time trying to reclaim your home. Call us today and let us help you solve your rodent problems FOR GOOD.