Most people get a pet because of its personality, but some want a pet that can help their family in one way or another. You might adopt a large dog for protection or a mouse for observation. Perhaps you could consider a pet that doubles as a pest control expert. The list below shows some good pets for pest control so you know which ones to consider.


Cats are probably the best pets for pest control because they take care of insects and rodents without any training. They are naturally inclined to watch for creatures you may not want in your home, and they have all the tools they need to eliminate the problem. You could use cats to control problems with mice, squirrels, spiders, and even scorpions in some cases. Just make sure your allergies will allow you to have a cat around.


With their keen sense of smell and excellent hearing abilities, dogs make excellent pets for pest problems. They can double as protectors, guardians, and warning signals when need be, but they can also alert you to the presence of a pest you may not notice. Dogs are less likely to kill insects and rodents than cats are, but they will at least tell you when a problem comes up. Then you’ll just have to see how good of an exterminator your dog is.


Having a bird around could help if you have a problem with flying pest. This depends on the bird, of course, as many of them will not hunt meat. At minimum, your bird should be able to tell you when something is on the ceiling that you might not notice at first. If you hear a series of unprovoked caws, you know there is probably something there that you need to take care of.

Other Options

Any pet has the potential to help you with pest control as long as it has the ability to identify pests you don’t normally see. Pigs, rabbits, and even ferrets can help to a degree, depending on their personalities. Think about what you want out of your pet as a whole, and also consider the kind of pests you want that pet to keep out. If you assess your options entirely, you should be able to find a new family member to suit all of your wants and needs.