Not only are fire ants annoying, but they can be incredibly dangerous to humans and pets.

They’re a devastating problem in many parts of the world — including south Louisiana. Fire ants can infiltrate your yard and home. Here are just a few methods to eliminating them.



The first step to eliminating any pest control problem is locating them. With fire ants, it’s vital that you figure out where their colonies are, and how they’re getting into your home. Keep your young family members, and pets away from the area. Fire ants can be aggressive and will attack people and animals. Their bites are painful and can leave nasty scars.

Indoor Pests

Locating the ant’s point of entry is important so that you can seal it. Apply an over-the-counter insecticide for indoor use to kill the ants directly. Use the product on ant trails and on their point of entry. Remember, some insecticides contain toxins that can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment. Make sure to pay close attention to the label, and whenever possible buy environmentally-friendly products. Test the product on fabrics or wood before applying a generous amount — some products may stain or damage surfaces. Do not use baits meant for outdoor use in the home, this can attract more ants into your house.

Eliminating The Colony

Locate the colony outside the home in your yard as the problem will not be eradicated until you’ve destroyed the colony. Make sure that members of your family — especially children and pets — don’t access the area. Inspect your bushes, pipes or sidewalk edges as ants like to build their nests near structures.

Treat fire ant colonies with mound treatments or baits. You may use over-the-counter insecticides; however, in severe cases, it’s better to call in a professional. For the quickest result, use a dissolving insecticide and drench the mound. These insecticides kill ants underground, but you’ll want to apply one to two gallons of insecticide to each mound to eliminate the entire colony. If you don’t use enough water you might not be able to exterminate all the ants, and they may just relocate. Make sure you follow the safety regulations on the insecticide, including wearing gloves to prevent chemical burns.

Small outside colonies can be eliminated by pouring vinegar and baking soda into the fire ant nest hole. You can flood the hole with water in addition to this mixture. Repeat this process over a few days and eliminate other ants you see elsewhere with baits or spray.